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Building Your First PC? Here Are Some Tips To Build Your Own Customized PC

If you’re buying and building your own desktop computer there is a chance that you’re either a PC gamer or a passionate tech geek who loves exploring new technology. You may also already know that a bundled desktop computer is more expensive than building your own. You can build your customized PC by using a tool or manually.

Here Are Some Tips To Build Your Own Customized PC

The beauty of using a computer builder tool is that it can readily tell you what the best components to use based on your needs. If you don’t know what your needs are, it can provide you with choices and from those picks, it will tell you the next step.

There are tools that will quickly generate quick picks with its specs listed and you can even customize it even further if you find some things lacking or too expensive. If you prefer to build your PC manually and want a challenge, here are some tips on how to build your custom PC:

Look at Example Rigs

If you have don’t have the faintest idea of where to start, looking at example rigs is a good place to go. Most example builds can tell you their price and capability to run programs and games. If your goal is to build one to be able certain games, you can search for builds that are specifically geared at them.

You may be faced with some constraints like budget so you always have the freedom to change some parts. Likewise, you can also upgrade some parts if you fancy having the best parts and pieces out in the market today.

Ensure You Have All Basic Parts

In order to get a working computer, you need to have all the basic parts. If you don’t know what the basic set up contains, they should include the central processing unit (CPU) motherboard, RAM, GPU, storage, and CPU cooler as well as the casing for the CPU. It should also have the peripherals like the mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

Compatibility Is Important

Since your computer system is what it is – a system; every component should be compatible with each other in order to function well. Compatibility is a popular issue when building computers because there are a lot of parts made by different brands out there. If you want to play it safe, you can always get components from the same manufacturer but then again, it’s not a guarantee.

Your safest best before buying anything is to consult with people knowledgeable with computers like the tech staff of the store. You can even do your own research at home through the internet.


Building a computer is already expensive enough as it is so it is understandable if not all first-time PC builders prioritize how their computers will look. Aesthetics refers to the general appearance of a thing and how it feels and in desktop computers, it mostly refers to the custom visual effects via LED lighting and the color scheme of the computer. If it’s not something that applies to you yet, you can start with simple cable management.

Just because you don’t have any fancy lighting or PC case glass paneling doesn’t mean you can’t keep your setup neat. How you manage your cables will depend on your build and setup but it will greatly help it especially since it keeps your computer system uncluttered. When you’ve bundled the loose cables correctly, it will improve the airflow inside your computer as well.

Proper Assembly is Crucial

Now that you have all your parts, the most crucial step comes next. Properly putting your PC together is important because how it is put together will dictate whether you can turn it on or not. If you are not confident, you can always ask a shop to assemble your computer for you, if not, there are tutorials for it online.

Be a Responsible PC Owner

You have your own reasons for building your own PC and if you want it to last long, you need to take care of it. Always do the required maintenance and upgrades if they’re available as well as some internal and external cleaning periodically. You should repair or replace components as needed to.

Do you have any tips on how to build a PC? Share your thoughts and advice below.

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