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Brighten Up Your Sales with LED Shop Lights

The way your store is lit up has an impact on your sales. So it doesn’t matter if you are working with a full blown retail store or an exhibition stand, retail display lighting needs essential consideration. Display design and lighting is an art as well as a science. Studies have proven that the layout and design of a store matters. A well designed and well-lit store attracts more footfall and achieves more sales than a store that has a dull and dated interior. If the lighting inside a store is welcoming and interesting it will also encourage return visitors and boost sales.

Lepro shop lights

To get the right lighting for your store, look at the varieties and options available at because lighting design does require thought and planning. The good news is that any investment you make to correct the lighting in your store will ultimately pay for itself with the increase in sales you are most likely to achieve. The sales boost will soon give you a complete return on your investment. If you opt for LEDs to enhance your lighting design, you also increase energy efficiency, and save on power bills as well as enhancing the customer experience.

Let’s consider the impact good lighting design can have on the customer in some detail.

The right lighting focuses customer attention

The right combination of dim ambiance lighting and bright accent lighting, helps focus the customer’s attention and can guide them to the areas and items in your store that you want them to see. The brightness and hues of the lights have a significant role in this, so select colours in the cool spectrum to highlight lights that are bright and warm. Customers are subliminally drawn to warm and cosy areas of the store so place your feature pieces in those spots.

Tips to use lighting to improve sales.

  • Employ Contrast: Contrast can be your friend when it comes to lighting design. Contrast in light heightens the level of interest and you can use that to your advantage. Contrast allows you to manipulate customer perception.
  • Employ colour temperature: LED lighting is available in cool and warm tones. Cool tones employ blue based lights and warm tones are yellow based. Cooler tones of light feel more natural and stimulate comfort in longer stay or browsing time. On the other hand, warmer colours create the vibes of intimacy and comfort. The colour temperature of your lights impacts the customer’s experience.
  • Effective light distribution: The layout or orientation of your lighting design serves to guide the customer around your retail store. This is a technique employed by big brand stores like IKEA, where the skilful placement of the lights guides customers through their showroom and warehouse.
  • Employ Dramatic window display lighting: Using accent lights in your window displays can improve your curb appeal. Consider using low illuminance level lights during the day and bright spotlights after dark to create a welcoming impression.

LED shop lights are an amazing choice for the lighting design in your store. Peruse the great variety of lighting options available at before making your choice.

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