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Boosting Wi-Fi Signals With Aluminum Foils

Wi-Fi is the need of the hour in current times when digitalization is booming and ruling the roosters. The demand for constant Wi-Fi accessibility has progressed massively in recent times with the advancement of social media and the virtual world. Everybody at home or on any random premise is equipped with Wi-Fi facilities and that inaccessibility to the internet has been less spoken of. Nonetheless, the signal issue and bandwidth issue of the internet persists even today as proximity to the Wi-Fi resource is not possible every time even when you are at home. The rooms or places you work would not always be positioned very close to the routers rendering difficulties of low signals or unreachable access to signals.

Boosting Wi-Fi Signals With Aluminum Foils

This problem being very common in recent times, scientists have come up with a formidable solution to avert this issue by the use of aluminum foils. Boosting the signals by using aluminum foils is a method that has been adapted recently to secure a powerful connection to any remote corners with a low internet connection or poor signal.

Although this cannot be a universal solution for poor signal, as there are multiple reasons which play havoc on your internet connection. Low range internet connection could also be a reason for bandwidth issues in Wi-Fi. When there is low-profile signal strength in your Wi-Fi, the reach of the access to your Wi-Fi could be poor.

To increase or boost the signal strength of internet connection because of distant reach, using aluminum foil could help in a better way. In this article, we will expound on details about the credibility of aluminum foil to improve your internet reach efficiency and also the steps taken to do that.

How does aluminum foil boost signal strength?

Wi-Fi signals in any premise are transmitted by radio waves. Aluminum foils in general are good reflectors of radio waves. They invariably amplify the effect of the signals and reach distances by improving the access range considerably. Scientists have discovered that it increases the signal power by at least 25% to be available to people even in inaccessible places.

Another theory about aluminum foils that has garnered a lot of attention is that it has the capacity to direct the signals to multiple directions. Usually, internet signals are confined to a single direction flowing in that specified range and path. However, using aluminum foils could redirect to all directions making it more accessible to frisky corners where there is generally lesser reach.

One of the main advantages of leveraging this method is it does not cost much and the expense of efforts is also not too much. Aluminum foils are available to all people and the steps involved in doing it are easy and affordable by all means.

Security concerns:

Although using aluminum foil is affordable and quite efficient in increasing your signal strength, the security concerns might be something you may have to take into account. However, this method serves better when it comes to security as it blocks a unidirectional flow of signals. Since it reroutes the signals to all direction, the places which are supposed to be accessible will get enough signal strength. This would cut down the unnecessary access to the wrong people who capitalize on signals in a particular direction.

Steps involved in boosting the signals with the help of aluminum foils:

Boosting the signals with the help of aluminum foils

Things Required: Medium-sized aluminum foil, a small cardboard box, and glue.

  1. Take the box which is sized to fit your router and wrap the aluminum foil around it without leaving any unattended space.
  1. Take the wrapped box to the router and place it covering the router leaving holes for the antennas and wires to spread out. Make sure the box is spaced enough to cover all the antennas and wires of the router.
  1. If you don’t have aluminum foil, any aluminum would do. However, make sure the can is dry and clean. Cut it thoroughly to accommodate the shape of the box it is going to be wrapped. Make sure the antennas and wires of the router spread out freely from the box.

Aluminum foil Can

  1. That is it. You can check the reach now, as the signals would have definitely shifted across the location spreading in multi-directional pathways.

Aluminum foil location spreading


Increasing the accessibility of Wi-Fi has become a major concern these days as internet availability has become a primary need for all of us. People being victims of poor Wi-Fi signals look out for options to boost internet access by shortcut methods. Using aluminum foil helps in resurrecting your signal strength at a much affordable effort and cost. We should leverage that to the best of our abilities as it also increases the flowing speed of the internet making the connections more stable and pacey.

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