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Blogging Vs Vlogging: What You Really Need to Know About?

Blogging and Vlogging are the latest trends in content marketing strategies. Both are concerned with producing more traffic to the websites and help in growing markets.

For many people, they are the primary source to earn money. Now the question is how one can decide whether to start a blog or vlog? Both have advantages and disadvantages. So, it is important to understand which means of communication suits you or your business well.

Blogging Vs Vlogging -What You Really Need to Know About


A blog is an online platform to share insights, ideas, and thoughts through writing. You can also use images, and other content such as GIFfs, PDFs, to make it look engaging. There are specific sites that feature blogs such as Word press, Blogger, etc. Apart from web blogs, one of the popular platforms is Instagram, where all you need are images with few words. However, many businesses or organizations also need blogs or blog pages to describe the services/products they provide. It also plays a vital role in helping businesses to grow and gain popularity.

A blog is an important tool to write long and lengthy information. The best way to write an appealing blog is to use short and clear points, with prominent headings. The topics, content, and themes must be attractive and appealing to engage the readers till the end.

You don’t need a vast array of equipment to start a blog. You may require a laptop or desktop, and an internet connection. Grammar and Search engine optimization are essential skills to do effective blogging.

Pros and cons: One of the main benefits of blogs or blog pages is that it can appear on web searches. So the searcher gets the information immediately, unlike videos. They can rank highest on google or other search engines, with SEO-optimization and focusing on one or two keywords. From a marketing point of view, the highest rank means more traffic and more traffic means more income. A significant disadvantage of blogging is that it requires high research skills and knowledge.

How to earn Money:

A blog might be a great source of income through affiliate marketing, or banner ads, in which you have to convince the readers to click on the affiliated links and buy the reviewed products. In return, you would get a commission.


Vlog is similar to a blog but it is a visual presentation. It is the fastest and quickest technique of conveying knowledge. For example, you can make videos on how to cook food, DIYs, and sell different products. YouTube is one of the common platforms that feature vlogs. Vlog is easy to create, but it is quite time-consuming. However, it should be compelling enough to captivate the audience or the viewers get bored.

If you are thinking about what you need to vlog out, then advanced equipment like high-quality vlogging cameras or mobile phones and video editing software are the basics.

Advantages and disadvantages:  They attract more audience than written content, as people love to spend more time on watching videos. Also, you don’t require any professional skills to become a vlogger. All you have to do is to face the camera, be confident, and talk on general subjects, it provides room for discussion. Vlogging needs a lot of equipment and you are unable to edit or remake videos, this might be a prominent drawback.

How to earn money:

You can monetize your vlogs by allowing marketers to advertise on it or get sponsorship.

In short, if you are more into expressing yourself in written words and have a lot to say, go for blogging. However, if you’re comfortable with public speaking and don’t get shy in front of the camera, then vlogging is the answer. However, either of them demands time and consistency in uploading. So, it entirely depends on you what to choose. Because, in the end, the only thing that matters is quality!

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