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What Is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software, sometimes referred to as field management software, is a particular type of software, often offered as a software suite, which enables businesses to manage business resources and provides access for engineers or employees working in the field.

What Is Field Service Management Software

Functionality can include things like scheduling and dispatching work, monitoring field engineers locations, providing access to inventory to field engineers, being able to invoice and quote remotely, and much more. In most cases, field service management software is used by engineers working in the field, such as plumbers or equipment installers or repairers.

Field service software can be hosted either as part of an organisation’s existing setup, or accessed from the cloud, hosted by the FSMS software company.

What options are available?

There are many different options to choose from when selecting field service management software. Different companies offer varying levels of service, with many offering bespoke setups tailored to specific business types.

Pricing is often dependent on the size of the business using the software, and the number and complexity of features required. For a smaller firm who simply wants to schedule jobs and perhaps offer engineers access to inventory, options may be cheaper than a full scale FSMS option with all features and a larger workforce.

The benefits of mobile

The most common reason businesses use field service management software is to enable remote workers in the field to access business information and systems. This is why businesses with engineers in the field are most likely to use field service management software. If a business simply needs a stock inventory system for employees to use on-site, field service management software probably isn’t the option for them.

Common business types who use field service management software include contractors, local government, and installation companies. For such organisations, providing access to business systems remotely is essential in allowing them to complete the job efficiently and accurately.

The benefits of field service management software

 The benefits of using field service management software for firms with engineers in the field are wide ranging. These include allowing engineers to schedule jobs, access key information about the job and the customer, such as the job spec, it’s location and objectives. Once on the job, engineers have access to the business stock system, allowing them to order in any required materials or parts, and seeing the availability, price, and location of such items. FSMS also gives engineers the option of providing instant quotes to customers via the software, as well as being able to invoice and receive payments for invoices instantly, which is very beneficial in improving business cash flow and admin resources.

Engineers can also complete job reports while on the job, rather than having to go back to the office and remember key information. This also helps in reducing mistakes, by avoiding admin assistants having to decipher hand written notes from field engineers, which can often lead to mistakes and problems for both the business and the customer.

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