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Big Printers For Big Jobs: PFU High Volume Scanners

When shopping for a high-volume document scanner, you may feel overwhelmed by all the options. How can you decide which models are right for your workspace? You don’t need to perform a complicated cost-benefit analysis — unless you want to, of course. It’s as simple as weighing each scanner’s features against what your office needs. Fortunately, Ricoh offers many choices in robust, high-volume back-office scanners. Keep reading to learn about some of its most popular models.

Big Printers For Big Jobs

Time Saving

How do you define “time-saving” when it comes to large scanners? Subjective needs and individual experiences can vary, but most users generally want a machine streamlines scanning through speed, ease of use, and convenience. The fi-7000 series machines majorly deliver on all these qualities and more.

Fast Scanning

Speed is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Several Ricoh models perform well in this department, namely the fi-7600 and the fi-7900. The 7600 and its flatbed counterpart the fi-7700 scan up to 100 pages per minute on single- and double-sided modes. Meanwhile, the 7900 boasts speeds of up to 140 pages per minute. The fi-7800 is no less impressive, clocking in at 110 pages per minute. All these models also support single-sided and duplex scanning, providing you with plenty of functionality for your document captures.

Large ADFs

Speed is just one measure of time-saving efficiency. A generously roomy automatic document feeder allows you to load the machine up, set up your scans, and focus on other tasks in the meantime. Many fi-7000 series scanners come equipped with large ADFs: The 7600 and 7700 models each have a 300-page ADF, while the 7800 and 7900 scanners both boast a 500-page ADF.

Error Prevention

Sure, a fast scanner with a huge ADF is great, but what about preventing issues such as paper jams and unclear imaging? Have no fear, dear reader: The fi-7000 scanners have got you covered there, too.

Jam Prevention Technologies

Overlap, length, and lag detection work together to minimize jams and misfeeds. Overlap and lag detection rely on ultrasonic sensors to listen for unusual sounds during scan job feeds. Length detection monitors the distance between pages. If the scanner discovers anything unusual, it pauses the job so you can fix the issue.

Automatic Hardware Calibration

The 7800 and 7900 feature Automatic Hardware Calibration. This technology allows the machine to adjust its settings during jobs in progress to achieve the best quality and clarity. This helps reduce the need for rescans, which saves you time and effort while ensuring high data capture quality. And when you’re done learning how to scan a document into Word, you know your scanned image will be as clear and accurate as possible.

Robust Productivity Solutions

A production-quality scanner is just one essential piece of equipment that boosts your productivity. With a portable monitor, you can literally take your work anywhere. Ricoh’s portable monitors incorporate OLED technology and touchscreen capabilities, plus some models support wireless connectivity via WiFi and Miracast. Whatever your workspaces need, Ricoh offers a wide range of solutions.


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