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Best Resolutions For Gaming

Are you still wondering what resolution is the best for gaming? Look no further. Right now, we’re going to find our which resolution will help you enjoy your games to the fullest.Best Resolutions For Gaming

The Resolution 

In simple terms, the display resolution is a quantity of pixels on your monitor located horizontally and vertically. Lots of people think that lots of pixels equal quality, which makes sense, since the more pixels you have, the higher the density is. As a result, you get an opportunity to enjoy a sharper and more detailed image.

If you’re looking for a suitable resolution to play modern games, you may want to consider the following:

  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Quad HD (1440p)
  • Ultra HD (2160p)
    Best Resolutions For Gaming

If you take a look at the image below, you’ll see that the resolution differ in what they call the aspect ratio. Let’s figure out which resolution will be the best option for you and your computer, of course.

1080p VS 1440p

Time flies. It seems like it was yesterday when they introduced Full HD, or 1080p, which revolutionized our gaming experience. Back in the day, when we were limited to 720p, Full HD was something truly mind-blowing. Still, there is no need to disparage 1080p, which still remains very popular with lots of seasoned gamers. Its enduring popularity rests on several factors we are going to discuss.

First of all, 1080p monitors work exceptionally well in tandem with modern processors (mid-range and up). What most players like is that such processors achieve decent frame rates at 1080p. And high framerates, as you know, are quite appealing to players that value fluidity and responsiveness.

Furthermore, it’s not a secret that no all gamers own high-end machine that allow playing games at a mega-high resolution. 1080p allows you run your favorite games using an affordable, budget-friendly processor. As of this moment, you can buy the cheapest processor and be certain that it will handle 1080p. Of course, it may require you to tweak some graphics settings. After all, budget-friendly options are always about sacrificing game graphics quality. So, you should be prepared to cut down on it if opting for 1080p.

All in all, 1080p can still be the optimal choice for those gamers that prioritize performance over visuals and who are reluctant or unable to spend a bundle on a high-end monitor.

As for those users who are ready to fork out, 1440p, or QHD, will be the best resolution to play games in 2019. 1440p can be rightly considered a golden mean that offers the best from the Full HD and Ultra HD worlds. Needless to say, games look more pleasant to the eye, since it offers considerably higher frame rates compared to its inferior 1080 counterpart Thus, it is a good way of balancing visuals and performance. Moreover, this option is not that costly and the majority of gamers will find 1440 monitors quite affordable.

AMD’s RX 580 / 590 or Nvidia’s GTX 1060 / 1660 Ti are among those low-range processors that can support 1440p. You can be sure that these and even some weaker processors can actually handle this resolution well, though at lower framerates, of course.

What About 4K?

Of course, we couldn’t but mention 4K resolution in our article. Presently, 4K has become the epitome, the new standard many gamers gravitate to. The 4K resolution owes its name to​ the horizontal pixel count which is about 4,000 in corresponding monitors. With more than twice that of 1080p, 4K offers truly superb clarity and sharpness of your pictures and videos​. ​The benefits of this resolution are indisputable, still not all modern computers are capable of running games at such a superb resolution. Its massive pixel count put a strain on your hardware, not to mention your pocket. Only such mammoths as ​Nvidia’s new RTX model rtx 2080 ti will be able to handle 4K. However, you also may try running demanding games using RX Vega 56, GTX 1080 Ti, or GTX 1070 Ti.

Overall, UHD is definitely the way to go if you prioritize visuals over performance and are ready to fork out for a high-end monitor. Still, is that too big a price to play exceptionally eye-catching AAA games?

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