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Best Ice Packs For Coolers

Emptying a wet cooler is one the biggest challenges at the end of the day. The food get soggy, the accumulated water is dirty, and all the snacks and drinks are not cold at all. The goods even doesn’t stay fresh despite of having an optimal quality cooler.

Best Ice Packs For Coolers

Fortunately, we can save time, space and money by choosing the right ice pack for cooler. Given the multitude of options available in the market, it has become difficult to select the right one. Here are some the great packs of coolers listed to make you purchase easy:

  1. Cooler shock dry cooler gel pack

This is a re-usable pack which one can stock in the coolers again and again. About 12 pounds of ice can be eliminated using four packs of pouches. Begin with filling the pack with 3 cups water, make sure it is cold, and iron can be used to seal it. Freeze it for 24 hours. This non-pack gel packs changes to liquid at an approximate of 18 degrees so the foods and drinks will stay cold for a longer period.

  1. Nordic ice gel pack

This is another re-usable gel pack featuring a multi-layer design to eliminate all the sweat in the cooler. The cooler tends to stay cleaner and dryer for a longer period of time preventing food sogginess. It can be used in beach cooler or even lunch box to keep the snacks cool for over 7 hours. The pack weighs an approximate of one pound. It is a highly environmental friendly option being nontoxic and biodegradable.

  1. Fit and fresh cool coolers slim ice packs

These are preferable for smaller coolers and lunch boxes keeping the food cold for a longer period of time. It can even be stacked in larger coolers keeping the food as fresh as possible. These space-efficient packs are easier to clean and stays up cool for over 12 hours. It is one of the most flexible, hence desired options amongst users in the market.

  1. YETI ICE cooler pack

This is an option that is known for its durability. It is a break-resistant option withstanding the most extreme temperatures. Since it is in a unique form, it freezes in lesser time relative to other packs i.e. four hours and stays cold for a whole day. It is entirely re-freezable, reusable and doesn’t sweat. It comes is a variety of weights ranging from 1 pound to 4 pounds. Choose one according to your preferences and needs.

  1. Polar tech brix cold pack

It is moisture-resistant and re-usable option that can be utilized in an effective manner. These come in medium size utilizing a gel like substance that can allow packs to remain cold for longer period of times. It features a leak proof plastic pouch in a heavy duty packing that allows the cooler not to soak till the end of the day. Additionally, it features a non-toxic substance. Therefore, it is one of the most preferable options.


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