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Best Gifts to Give Your Photographer Friend – Things That He’ll Remember for Lifetime

We live in a generation where we choose to relate our stories to our friends and to the social media through the lens of our camera than by giving in the effort of penning them down with words. You enter the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and you find everyone posting photos of their lives, of where they’re going for their weekend, what they’re eating on a dinner date and what gifts they’re receiving on their special days. It’s either that people are becoming more and more conscious about sharing their lives through their lens or that they’ve forgotten to write down things. What better than a DSLR could describe the grace of a galloping horse or the calmness of blue sky?

Best Gifts to Give Your Photographer Friend

Here we list down some of the best gifts that you can give your photographer friend who has his birthday round the corner. Check them out.

  • Lens bracelets: There are bracelets for all causes, whether love or friendship and hence it’s just a matter of time before the lens bracelets came in action. If you have photographer friends who are into each other as much as they love taking photographs, you can give them lens bracelets as this can be the perfect fashion accessory which will also go well with the other gadgets that they wear.
  • Camera USB Drive: When you already have a DSLR which you’re using to snap photos, you might also need a device to transport the photos from your camera to another device like your laptop or desktop. There are many photographers who use Mac and Aurora HDR Software to edit pictures and they might just love it when you give them a 4GB USB drive so that they can carry their works of genius wherever they go. If you don’t know what is hdr photography or how to edit hdr photos, you need to learn more on the internet.
  • Wide angle phone lenses: Is your photographer friend also adventurous at the same time that can’t live without his phone or camera? Why not plan to gift them phone lenses for achieving that SLR quality and higher flexibility while snapping photos so that he can get a high dynamic photography range? If you believed that the camera owners had all the fun, you’re mistaken as there are ways in which you too can take stunning photos.
  • Gorilla Tripod: This Camera Tripod looks like a three-legged squid or that molecule model in the 7th grade science class, it can be a great addition to the bag of an outdoor photographer. Allow it to grab, cling or grapple into anything. Its legs are bendable and you can break barriers by producing some mind-boggling angle shots. All photographers will just love this gift as they not only look trendy but they’re also extremely useful at the same time with regards to clicking photos at a high dynamic range.
  • Flash bounce: Don’t we all wish that we could spend much less time in fixing and editing photographs after clicking them? You can get this item to direct the flash upward in order to get a wide reach of natural light and eliminate all possibilities of red eyes and annoying shadows.

So, if your photographer friend has his birthday, start searching for the above mentioned gifts which can blow him off his mind on his special day.

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