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Best advertising agencies in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia

What is the benefit to you by hiring a digital marketing company to promote your different products?

All businesses need to be online and share the market by opening a new marketing channel in this field.

Marketing on social media channels

Marketing through advertising campaigns on Google or advertising campaigns paid media platform

Or by launching a ٍSEO campaign

If you are in Saudi Arabia there is an advertising agencies in Jeddah make a professionals marketing campaign

Before that, we have to presentation a hint about Saudi Arabia digital marketing statistics

Saudi Arabia has a population of 33.85 million and the number of Internet users is growing

After a day and this year, the proportion of Internet users in Saudi Arabia to 89% active users 98% of these active users the Internet by mobile phones Android and iPhone.

Internet surfing in Saudi Arabia is of great importance as the Saudi citizen spends 6 hours a day active on the Internet.

Top websites in Saudi Arabia





YouTube is the first site frequented by many in Saudi Arabia and it is clear that videos are the most important media in Saudi Arabia.

Total number of users

Effective social networks 23 million users,the percentage of users of social networks on the sites as follows, the number of active users on Facebook 15 million users, the number of active users on 15 million users and on Twitter 11.27 and 13.On the site Snape the famous, the medium of the images and videos taken More attention and attention to Saudi Arabia.

After presenting a few statistics about the internet in Saudi Arabia, let’s go back to our basic topic of how to choose a company to market your products or project.

How to choose digital marketing and advertising agency for your campaign

Experience First

Before deciding to work with an advertising company, you must request a business precedent for the company to find out what projects have been completed by the company, the results obtained and the components of the team completed for this task.

Does the advertising Company Understand Your business?

Customers need to know their needs before hiring a digital marketing company to determine the most important points your business needs to do is need to design a website and a mobile app

Does the project need to be on social media platforms only or to launch an SEO campaign for the site as a whole?

Does the project need to make advertising campaigns paid on Google Ads or one of the media platforms?

The client must first know its objectives to identify the most important points that help to advance its own project.

What is the company culture?

The company’s culture in dealing with its customers in terms of work steps and contract lines to carry out various shopping campaigns all these factors determine the best company marketing and advertising.

In the end, we wish you success hope for your project and get the best results in promoting your own project and the products or services you provide and if you have any other questions about how to choose the best advertising agencies You can leave your comment below the topic

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