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Benefits Of Using Banners

Recent statistics from ITU estimated that more than half all people over the world now have access to the internet. In developed countries, an estimated 80.9% of the populations have access to the internet. With the internet becoming part of our everyday lives, businesses are increasingly adopted strategies to create an online presence for themselves. This often involves the creation of a website, along with some online advertising.

Benefits Of Using Banners

While the internet does hold a lot of possibilities when it comes to advertising, according to a recent HubSpot study, it was found that about 72% of people tend to feel less of a brand when they are exposed to a pop-up from that company. Furthermore, the same study found that about 70% of mobile users do not like being displayed advertisements while browsing the internet on their smartphones. Almost half of all internet users also have an adblocker in place.

The issue here is that business owners are starting to turn too much of their focus toward online advertising. This makes them forget about the fact that traditional marketing methods still play a part in the promotion of business and gaining new clients. Banner advertising proves as an excellent example of how a traditional marketing strategy still holds a lot of potential in the modern-day. There are many different types of these advertising materials available, ranging from text-based options all the way to custom vinyl banners.

What Is Banner Advertising

The banner advertising that we are focusing on in this post is not the ones you see while browsing the internet. Instead, we are going to take a closer look at the benefits are of custom banners that promote a business in the real world.

This type of banner advertising comes in many different forms. As a business owner, you are given the opportunity to select the size of the banner, as well as the shape. Even the positioning of the banner can be selected – you can choose to have the banner placed on a building, at a lamppost, on a huge billboard, or even simply in front of your physical location. There are also many different kinds of banners that can be used. Also, one another type that is seen gaining traction is roll up banners owing to their cost-effective and most importantly, portable and reusable nature.

All of these features make banner advertising a flexible way to promote your business, regardless of whether you are offering consumers access to services or products.

How Can Banner Advertising Benefit Your Business?

A large number of businesses do not realize the positive impact that having a traditional banner advertising campaign for their company can bring. Many tend to focus only on getting banners designed and promoted through services like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads in the modern-day. While these platforms do provide affordable marketing methods and can even yield great results, traditional promotional methods that take advantage of printed banners still have a lot of potentials.

In fact, in a recent publication on Forbes reported that neuroscience found printed forms of advertising to be more effective than digital promotional methods. Brand recalling was significantly improved when participants of the study were shown promotions that were printed, compared to those that popped up on a mobile phone or a computer screen.

To provide you with an overview of what you can expect from printed banners to assist in the promotion of your business, we take a look at some of the most important benefits offered by this technique below.

Banners Provide A Versatile Marketing Method

As we have noted before, banners are very flexible. There is a lot of different options that you can choose from. This is actually an area where traditional printed banners have the advantage to offer over the newer types of banners that are promoted on the internet.

When you decide to launch a marketing campaign on the internet, using a service such as Facebook Ads or perhaps even buying banner space on a third-party website, the resolution for the banners that can be used, as well as the shapes, will always be very limited. There is a set number of resolutions that you need to prepare. You cannot be truly creative and design something that does not fit within these guidelines.

The opposite is true for printed banners. If you get a creative mind behind your campaign, it is possible to come up with unique ways to print out banners and promote your business. There really are no limitations. Printing companies often do not only provide a way to print out your design on a physical banner but sometimes even offer additional services, such as the ability to have custom shapes for your banners.

You also get to choose between different banners forms. Furthermore, the location where you will place the banner can be targeted toward a very specific target audience.

Banners Are Still Effective

While a banner campaign that you set up online on a paid advertising platform can be blocked using adblocking software, when you decide to print a banner and place it in a physical location, blocking out the advert is not possible. Everyone who walks past your banner will notice it. Sure, there is still a conversion rate and other factors to be taken into account – not everyone will truly take notice and action when they see the banner, but you are assured that each and every person who walks past the banner will be exposed to its content.

The promotion of specials and discount offers can be very attractive to people. With the right placement of your banner – this could even be just in front of your store – it is possible to reach the right target audience and get more consumers to enter your doors.

Banners Help With Corporate Branding

Another benefit of having some banners printed is the fact that this can become part of your corporate branding strategy. Corporate branding is essentially a term used to refer to the combined design styles that your business tends to follow. Your logo is the centerpiece of your branding, for example. The colors and style of your logo are likely to affect how other designs will be made.

Deciding to have a banner designed and printed means you can add your logo and utilize other corporate branding design elements that have already been established for your business. This does not only assist with improving the aesthetics of your brand but also gives you more credibility.

The fact that you are following a specific design style in all of your physical marketing methods – not only business cards but now also banners – give customers a more professional and credible impression.

Banners Are Relatively Cost-Effective

Printing out banners are sometimes thought of as a very expensive process, but this isn’t the case anymore. Take a trip down to a local shop in your area that offers printing services. Speak to the consultant in order to discuss your business and what you want to advertise. You would be surprised at how affordable these promotional items can really be.

In many cases, the company that does the printing will be able to work closely with you in order to determine what type of banners will work best for your budget. This way, you can avoid overspending, but still get your hands on banners that will benefit your business.

Another thing to consider when it comes to the cost-effectiveness of printed banners is the fact that you only pay once for each. With banner advertising campaigns that are set up on the internet, you will usually need to pay a designer to get the digital file ready, and you would then pay a specific platform, such as Google AdWords, a fee for every person who clicks on that banner. These costs can quickly add up and ultimately lead to a bill that is much higher than printing a couple of physical banners.

Banners Can Be Reused

Apart from the fact that banners can be placed anywhere (with permission, of course), and that they are cost-effective, it should also be mentioned that these products can be easily reused. For example, if you run a Christmas promotion every year that gives customers a 5% discount on their Christmas shopping, you could print the banner once and set it up just as the time comes closer to December.

You could also use one particular banner to test the effects of the promotional message you have used in different areas. This can help you learn more about your target audience in the real world, and also allow you to identify the best spots for promoting your business with a printed banner.

Benefits Of Using Banners


While the internet surely has provided a great way of promoting a business, often at very affordable rates, physical and traditional marketing methods should not be overlooked. This is especially important for local businesses who are trying to attract an audience in a targeted location. Banner advertising is a great way to get more people to notice a brand and can be used by any type of business, whether that company is targeting a local audience, a national audience, or perhaps a global target market.

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