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Benefits of Server-Based Printing

Starting any type of processing can slow down your computer as compared to any other kind of service. A print server runs the printing process and offloads any burden from the user PC. It’s an effective system that you set and lets it do its job without disappointing.

It’s essential that while you print, you sort the documents. You can take up the super-fast machines that work on monster reports. The close machine handles the small documents. Manual sorting can be tiring, especially if you have to sort out several records.

Benefits of Server-Based Printing

How else can you get the printing done quickly if your business has multiple printers and high demand to print? Print Server Software manages all printing requests sent to your PC and the printing device. You can reap many benefits, even if not immediately:

1. Flexibility

Server-based printing is where a PC shares more than one printer. The printers handle each printing request as a separate entity. It avoids the danger of mixing up the printing work. If the printer is busy, the task will queue. When you want to prevent the printer noise, you can put them in a separate room.

Besides, if you want to increase the number of printers, you don’t have to shut down the entire network. You can simply remove an urgent task from the queue. Then print it in another printer without affecting the printing process.

2. Space Saving

Network printers avoid the scenario of one PC for one Printer, thus freeing up ample disk space. Use of Wi-Fi is a bonus as it increases the flexibility at the office and avoids the use of wires to connect printers.

Also, Print Server Software helps save up on maintenance cost and electricity bill.

3. Management

Networking printers come with in-built server programs. However, you can install Microsoft windows server to help manage your printers. It will simplify maintenance and support printer drivers. It also assists with overseeing printer status and controls printer access for all PC users.

4. Printer Selection

Print Server Software lets you connect the PC to several printers. Each printer performs a different task.

For example, you may set the white or black laser printer to handle the considerable part of your printing tasks. The other colors are for printing other small jobs and helping out when other printers are busy.

5. Speed and quality

Apart from having to wait in a queue, networked printing has no speed penalties. Every user can enjoy faster printing service and quality results. It prints at a speed of about 12.5 Megabytes per second

6. Accessibility

Wi-Fi networked printers easily accommodate smartphones and tablets. Portable devices automatically connect when they come in a range of the Wi-Fi router. Also, it automatically disconnects when mobile devices leave the Wi-Fi range.


A networked printer can be a lifesaver when it comes to departmental sharing. It allows you to control all the office printing from a central point. It guarantees employee productivity as it reduces any printing related issues.

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