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Arihant Anant Review

I wanted to shift my family to Taloja because I transferred to the city for a job. The first thing that needed to be accomplished was choosing an appropriate location to live that was conveniently located near my office proved to be a challenge. After that, I found out about Arihant Anant. At Arihant Anant, which is equipped with a variety of interesting facilities and has architecture that is influenced by American design, I found my ideal house waiting for me. I purchased my complex for Rs. 50. 0 Lac, and now I can enjoy a specialised way of life. The residential apartments are in various sizes, starting with a 1 BHK Flat that ranges from 642.0 to 642.0 square feet and is appropriately suited for a great living environment.

Arihant Anant Review

Why Did I Decide to Buy a Property in Arihant Anant?

The idea of my moving to Taloja was met with some resistance from my mum. Therefore, to choose a neighbourhood that would be appropriate for us to call home, Mom got in touch with all her relatives and friends who lived in the area. After making many inquiries, she eventually found my aunt, who had relocated to this area with her children a few years before. She told me that she was already a resident of Arihant Anant and that it is an amazing alternative for us since it gives all the facilities and security I need. Anant. After looking at their brochure, I decided to purchase an apartment quickly.

Amenities I Really Adore

Because the design of each house adheres to the principles, the homes all exude a sense of cosiness throughout. The following are some of the amenities that I liked the most:

  • Indoor games may be a source of entertainment for those inside.
  • The social club where individuals may come together and participate in various activities
  • Providing parking for visitors to make things more convenient.
  • backup power if there is a power outage or any other kind of emergency
  • A space where children can run and play while being watched by security cameras.
  • The community garden is looking for the betterment of the surrounding area.
  • The prevention of fires to preserve the safety
  • Upkeep of the residence for reasons of disease prevention

Three Reasons Why I Will Recommend Buying a Property At Arihant Anand

Location advantages

If you are looking for a place to call home in a well-known neighbourhood, Arihant Anand is an outstanding option to consider. It provides me with a wide variety of options for potential advantages, some of which are as follows:

  • The International School of Ajanta 5 Min Away From Arihant Anant Taloja.
  • Ayesha Hospital At a distance of 14 minutes from Arihant Anant Taloja.
  • Little World Shopping Center 29 Min Away From Arihant Anant Taloja.
  • The Balasaheb Thackeray College of Legal Studies 9 Min Away from Arihant Anant Taloja.
  • At a distance of 30 minutes from Arihant Anant Taloja is the Panvel Railway Station.


Arihant Anant is packed to the gills with the finest amenities, the most beautiful decor, and excellence in building and planning. With its enviable location and state-of-the-art amenities, Arihant Anant will become the family’s favourite place to live. A swimming pool, fitness centre, park, and many other amenities help to make Arihant Ananta a desirable location to call home.

Reputed builder

A renowned real estate firm, Arihant Superstructures Ltd (ASL) is presently listed on some of the most prestigious stock markets in the world, including the NSE, BSE, and Bloomberg. In addition, Arihant strongly emphasises providing its discriminating customers with access to high-quality lifestyles at prices that are within their budgets. This encapsulates the fundamental principle upon which the business was founded.

My life seems to have finally returned to the same point now that I own a piece of real estate in this lovely city, and I couldn’t be happier about this development. My success in finding an affordable house may be attributed, in large part, to the comprehensive and trustworthy project listings provided by NoBroker. If you are searching properties in Mumbai, you should begin your search by checking the verified listings available on


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