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Archiving And Its Importance

1.1       Introduction

Archiving is different than other types of storing Data since it focuses primarily on the type of storage that allows companies to keep Data for historical records rather for quick restores.



In this article we will discuss what Archiving options we have and what Archiving actually entails.

1.2       What is Archiving & How Does It Impact Your Business

Sometimes businesses, usually large enterprise class companies will need to store information for a very prolonged period of time. Sometimes ranging even in decades. This could be simply stored in a local backup, but that’s not what backups are made for. They are usually used for quick restores of Data and are not generally made to be as durable as archives. When you have a solution which specializes in holding on to records for a long time and is durable along the way, that is when you know that you are dealing with proper equipment such as File Archiving Software, which in turn will make you more productive and can prove to be a lot more cost effective as well.

1.3       Benefits Of Archiving Solutions

The first and more obvious one is Data Loss Prevention. This is the primary function of an Archiving Solution. Retrieving information at any given moment is a definite requirement that your company needs to address.

On top of that, usually regal ramifications can pursue as well if you do not have such a solution in place. Especially for enterprises which deal with high loads of information. Most of which also need to be kept for a prolonged period of times.

Lastly, the topic on every ones minds lately, Security. Storing your Data is one thing, but keeping it secure is entirely different. By having your information flow through transit frequently such as in regular backups, you increase the probability of a breach. While having them archived in secure locations for prolonged periods of time and only retrieved per need in a highly secure manner improves your overall Security greatly.

1.4       Backups Vs Archives on Return On Investment

Backups are generally a bit more expensive than Archiving solutions since they require greater amount of performance and optimization to perform daily restorations, while Archiving can also be very financially demanding, in most cases it does not compare. What this means is that, if you do not pick the right solution for your problems you may end up with a bad investment like so many before. Obviously in our case, if prolonged periods of storage are needed, Archives will obviously give out a better return on investment than regular Backup Solutions. Since our requirement are met in full and we make sure that we pay for what we need only.

1.5       Conclusion

Knowing what you need and at what rate you need it is the difference between coherent solutions to your problems and adding up even more issues on top. Storage is no different, if you fail to choose the right one it can land you in a bit of a mess. Archiving is a great solution for companies that need historical storage rather than anything else. This makes sure that what you get meets your requirements in full.

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