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Features Of G-Suite That Will Improve Your Business Productivity

If your business utilizes Google online products and services, it is no doubt that you are aware that Google Apps has been rebranded to Google Suite. Google Suite has become the best alternative to Microsoft Office 365. What makes Google Suite outstanding is its confidentiality and scalable plus it keeps all your information backed to the cloud so that you can access them anywhere and no worries of losing your data. The following are significant applications and software that comprises Google Suite:

Features Of G-Suite That Will Improve Your Business Productivity

  • Gmail

Gmail is a free application from Google which people can access it through both Android and IOS or using third-party systems. It offers the users with 15GB storage and allows them to attach files of up to 50Mbs. Additionally, Gmail allows users to advertise products and services to other Gmail users. Gmail is efficient and simple to use because it organizes email into primary, social, promotions and many more. Gmail also enables users to organize their messages into any indents, stylish fonts, hyperlinks, emoticons, photos, bullets and many more. It also provides video chatting and instant messaging. It is a simple platform that integrates Google critical features into one interface. These features include Google apps free email hosting, Google Drive, Calendar, new, Photo hosting and Google Calendar.

  • Google Docs

Google Docs is a free platform from Google that enables users to create or edit documents and spreadsheet and store it online. Users can access data from any devices as long as there are an internet connection and well-featured website browser. It is part of an extensive package of online apps from Google. One can edit, develop or update files in multiple fonts and different format. Users can also compile the documents with images, tables, lists, and formula. What makes Google Docs a good app for many businesses is that it is compatible with the word processor and presentation software. Users can make who sees their files. Google Docs work best for those people who are managing blogs or creating work that can be viewed by the public.

  • Google Calendar

Google Calendar is time management and scheduling application from Google. It enables one to edit or develop events. Reminders are also available and have an option of creating the type and time of reminders. The user can also add event location and invite other people. It has a choice of enabling and disabling the visibility of particular dates such as Birthdays. Google Calendar mobile application has been the most successful among many individuals. It has been praised for its simplicity with beautiful graphics.

There are many other software and applications from G suite such as Google Keep, Hangouts, Google Slide, Mobile Management, Google Suite Admin Console, Google Drive and many more. Many companies have admitted that Google Suite has improved the productivity of business due to instant communication, efficient sharing and collaboration of information, and endless connection from wherever location one is. For a business with a well custom email address, they have realized improved engagement as well as increased sales.

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