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AnyWebP PC Review: Is This WebP Converter Worth Trying?

AnyWebP PC Introduction

AnyWebP is an image converter that was launched in 2021. It is a productive app for users to convert webp to jpg files on their Windows computers. It allows you to convert files in bulk without an internet connection on your PC. If you are a designer, an editor, or a photographer, who needs to convert files quickly, AnywebP can help you a lot.

AnyWebP PC Review- Is This WebP Converter Worth Trying?

I’ve been using this webp to jpg converter for some time. And now, the quality of the products is excellent. It’s truly a pleasure working with AnyWebP! In this article, I will walk you through this webp to jpg converter from many aspects. If you are interested in such a tool, complete all the following details.

Why Use AnyWebP on Your PC?

Why Use AnyWebP on Your PC?

1. Convert Webp to JPG without Risk

AnyWebP allows you to convert webp into JPG formats on your Windows computer. Compared to those online image converters, AnyWebP can offer users a more secure and trustworthy environment for webp conversion. That is because AnyWebP does not store any data online. And it also does not send any data to the cloud. There is no risk of your information being compromised or leaked.

Offline programs are also easier to use, especially for people who have never used a computer. You can insert a disc into your computer, run the program and start working on it immediately. There is no need to install anything on your system or download anything from the internet. You don’t even need an internet connection to run offline software!

2. Improve Your Productivity by Batch Conversion

One of the biggest challenges in photo editing is to improve productivity. When it comes to image conversion, what tools will you use? Converting images one by one is time-wasting. AnyWebP can be an excellent helper to increase your productivity by batch conversion.

You can import multiple webp files into the program and click the “convert all webp files” button to convert several files at once. That means you don’t have to waste time on each file individually, but you can upload all your files at once and let AnyWebP do its magic for you.

3. Convert WebP Files without Paying

AnyWebP is one the best image converter for Windows and Mac. It can convert your existing Webp images into jpg or png files on Windows without an internet connection. You don’t need to pay a single penny for this service as it’s free!

If you want to enjoy a free webp to jpg conversion service, then AnyWebP is what you need. It does not have any subscription fee. In addition, it does not have a free trial because it is free for all. Once you download AnyWebP on your Windows computer, you can enjoy full service without any restrictions. Besides, no ads are displayed in the program, which can give you the best user experience.

How to Convert Webp to JPG on Windows PC

Step 1: To use AnyWebP on your pc, download the program from its official website: Click the “For Win/Mac” button on the homepage and then go to the app downloading page.

How to Convert Webp to JPG on Windows PC

Step 2: Click “Download for Win” and choose the folder you want to save AnyWebP’s installation package.

Step 3: Install the program on your computer and check if it can run well.

Install the program on your computer

Step 4: Add your webp files by clicking “Add Images” from the top menu. Or you can drag files from your desktop to the program.

desktop to the program

Step 5: Select the output format from the drop-down menu in the lower left corner. There are three options for your choice: JPG, PNG, and ICO.


Step 6: Press the “Convert” button to let AnyWebP show its magic.


Step 7: It will take several seconds to finish the bulk conversion. You can click the “Option” button to set up the Image Save Path and the Image Compression ratio.

Image Compression ratio

Step 8: All converted images will be automatically saved to your selected Save Path.

Ratings by Customers

After being launched on Mac Store in 2021, AnyWebP has received over 500+ customer reviews. Many users find the features of AnyWebp surprising and say they will continue to use this webp converter. AnyWebP has gained 4.8 out of five stars from 500+ reviews. The majority of people give the tool a positive rating.

AnyWebP for PC: Pros and Cons

AnyWebP for PC- Pros and Cons


  • Straightforward use.
  • Simple Converting Process.
  • Fast conversion from webp to jpg.
  • 100% free, with no hidden fees.
  • Ads-free and watermark-free.
  • Friendly to newbies who don’t have photo editing skills.
  • Works well with multiple file conversions.
  • Supports many file formats, such as PNG, jpg, and ICO.
  • Users can customize the output quality, compression ratio, and image size.


  • AnyWebP is designed for webp conversion. It does not support other types of conversion.
  • The export file formats are limited. It only supports exporting jpg, png, ico, and webp.

AnyWebP FAQs:

1. Can I Use AnyWebP Online?

Yes, you can use AnyWebP to convert webp files online. It is best for those who want to avoid installing any app on their computer. You can enjoy the service anywhere and anytime with an internet connection. AnyWebP online also supports batch image conversion. You upload your files to the site and wait for high-quality output results.

2. Can I Use AnyWebP on Mac?

Yes, AnyWebP is also available for Mac users. You can download AnywebP for Mac from the mac store by searching “Webp Converter – AnyWebP.” If converting images is one of the most important jobs in your daily work, we recommend you purchase AnywebP’s paid service. You can enjoy all the advanced features after paying 7.99$. This is a one-time fee for lifetime access. Don’t worry. There is no hidden fee.

3. Is AnyWebP Free for Windows?

Yes, AnyWebP is free for Windows. AnyWebP is a free webp converter tool that can help you convert webp to jpg or any other image format. It’s a simple webp converter with minimal settings, but it works well with most image types.

You can download AnyWebP and conveniently use it to do batch webp file conversion on your desktop. Using this tool can help save costs on subscribing to some paid services.

AnyWebP PC Review Verdict

AnyWebP is a safe and fast webp to jpg converter. It is an excellent Windows tool to convert your webp images to jpg format. You can use it without paying on your PC. It is straightforward to use, and there are no limitations in converting webp images. You can even convert a large number of images at a time.

This article has given you a close look at AnyWebP for PC. By reading the article, you already know its key features and using guides. If you love this tool, don’t hesitate to try it on your computer. Download AnywebP and convert webp to jpg in bulk whenever you want!


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