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Android 10: Do You Know This Handy Wifi Function?

Typing in the WiFi password when visiting friends and family can be quite annoying and, depending on the complexity of the password, take several minutes. For instance, when you want to check YouTube subscribers on the app and you don’t have wifi automatically connected, it becomes annoying. Users can avoid this annoyance with a few simple tricks – we’ll show you how to do it here.Android 10:

Android 10 Handy Wifi Function

If you do not want to use your smartphone’s data volume when visiting friends or family, you can ask the hosts for their network key or WLAN password in order to use their home Internet on their mobile device. Reading out and typing the often very long character string can be quite annoying; A single mistake is enough for the connection to fail and the user to start over. However, there is a simple trick that can circumvent this cumbersome disclosure of the password.

Smartphone users who have at least Android 10 installed on their device can display their own WLAN in just a few steps as a QR code , which guests can then scan to gain direct access to the WLAN.

Android: Share WiFi via QR code: Here’s how

In the settings of your Android smartphone, first select the item “Connections” and then “WLAN” . Here you can now see the WiFi network you are currently connected to – tapping the gear will open its settings.

At the bottom of the screen you will now find the symbol for the QR code . If you tap this, the QR code of your home WLAN will be displayed directly. Visitors can now simply scan it with the mobile phone camera or a scanner app and are connected directly to the WLAN.

Note : The procedure may differ slightly from smartphone to smartphone.

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