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How to Deal with Over Voltage

The two uncommon occurrences in workplaces and homes are flashovers and overheating. In fact, some people panic and start wondering what is wrong if they occur. Some people do not even know that over-voltage causes them. Excess voltage can cause flashovers and overheating, especially if it goes above the 110% nominal rated.

How to Deal with Over Voltage

However, the cause of over-voltage puzzles even more people. Most people are unaware of what causes over-voltage. Over-voltage is a pressing and annoying occurrence, so it is essential to know the circumstances that lead to over-voltage. Many people are not aware of these circumstances. Here are the top five causes and how to get over-voltage protection:

Power System Surges

Voltage fluctuations either under or over can occur because of poor regulation of the power utility company or power source. This can cause serious damages to the equipment that operates using a computer or other electronics. People need to give special attention to their electronics if they want safely use them. They can use auto-transformer type regulators, AVRs, and relay devices to keep their appliances safe.

Insulation Failure

The grounding of the conductor is the most common form of insulation failure. Not having insulation between the earth and the line can lead to failure. Hiring an electrician from Beaumontelectrical.com.au could help you to ground a part of the conductor to the earth. Grounding a conductor to the earth allows the current to flow downward. 

Arcing Ground

The presence of a sporadic arc in line to ground fault that belongs to the three-phase system causes over-voltage. The changes in voltage and current load produce short-live oscillations. This phenomenon can lead to serious problems, such as the breakdown of the insulation. And it can damage the appliances connected to the power system. 


If the inductive resistance in the power system and the value of capacitive resistance become equal, then over-voltage can occur.

External Causes

Studies show that some external causes contribute to the highest surges, even though most cases of over-voltage are caused by the internal causes mentioned above. For example, lighting is the main cause of high magnitude of surges, which usually lead to serious failures. Serious failures occur because external factors, like lighting, can increase the voltage. So, the voltage increases higher than the normal value. That is why people need to use voltage protectors to protect their appliances and power systems.

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