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A List Of Top Amazon Review Checkers To Get Rid Of The Fake Ones

Online shopping has made our lives easier and there is no denying it. At the click of a button, we can get our hands on some of the rare products without having to move from the comfort of our homes. However, with this, there are other negative factors as well that cannot and should not be ignored. Reviews of the product we intend to purchase are major criteria that significantly influence our decision to either buy the product or not. But not all the reviews posted are authentic as some may even turn out to be fake. To get rid of this concern, we have compiled a list of top Amazon review checkers to get rid of the fake ones.

Amazon Review Checkers

You may have a question, how are fake reviews harmful? To understand this, we need to first learn why review systems were introduced in online shopping. You can consider it as a friend suggesting that the product they bought is worth your money and that if you are interested you should go ahead with the purchase. This is exactly why review systems were introduced so people could understand the experiences other people had with the products and one can make an informed decision.

As per a recent survey, more than 94% of the respondents claimed that they go through reviews posted on the site before buying anything online. 66% mentioned that they would not trust a high rating until it has many reviews. We do not even need to get into statistical surveys because if we are spending our hard-earned money on something, as a basic human tendency we are bound to make sure that we have all the necessary information before we swipe our cards.

Because reviews are critical to consumer purchase behavior, sellers on online sites tend to make use of fake reviews to garner more attention toward the product and increase sales value. This is possible to achieve with the aid of text generation using artificial intelligence. Yes, the same technology that is supposed to help us can be used to trick us into buying low-quality products. Fake reviews are also a violation of the terms of conditions for selling products on eCommerce websites but many companies get away with it because it is practically impossible to detect every review posted.

Having said this, there is no need to worry because currently, we have a lot of ways at our disposal to check if a certain review posted is authentic or fake. All we need is the name of the websites that offer these services. We have compiled a list for you to ease the process of finding the best Amazon review checkers present online,

1- TheReviewIndex

One of the popular websites with the most user-friendly interface, TheReviewIndex has gained momentous popularity amongst frequent shoppers at Amazon. It makes use of detecting patterns in customer reviews that seem suspicious or out of the convention to return insights. The exhaustive AI techniques help the app crawl through the data with efficiency.


To check the authenticity of reviews on a product, one has to copy the URL of the product from Amazon and paste it at the search option provided on the landing page of TheReviewIndex. After pasting, click on the button ‘Summarize’.

You may have to wait for a few seconds before the app provides you with the results. Please note that the output is more comprehensive than you may expect. For instance, at the top of the result, you will find a rating from 1 to 10 and a Spam Test option with results falling in the pass, warn or fail category. But if you scroll down, you can find category-wise segmentation of the reviews. The main categories are price, usage, marketplace, and reliability to name a few.

2: Fakespot

Probably the most used amazon review checker out there. The company intends to identify untrustworthy sellers and protect consumer interest by alerting them about non-so-honest customer reviews. Fakespot uses intellectual property AI systems to crawl through the data and provide accurate results from the numerous data present on Amazon.


To use Fakespot, the user simply has to paste the product URL in the analyzer option on the Fakespot website. After a wait of a few minutes, Fakespot will display its result with a review grade stating from A up to F influenced by the review authenticity. What makes Fakespot peculiar is that after excluding the detected fake reviews, you can find adjusted ratings for customer reviews.

Fakespot also provides other information that can help you relate to the response of the website. For instance, it will give you a list of the most common words detected in the review as well as the percentage of deceitfulness in the reviews posted. The browser extension had added features as compared to the web page analyzer. The new features include information on the seller’s authenticity and the average rating received. It goes one step ahead by providing you with product recommendations.

3- ReviewMeta


It is a buyer-based review website which means that it helps buyers distinguish between ‘natural’ and ‘unnatural’ reviews using high-tech algorithms and systems. Once you have copy-pasted the product URL, click on ‘Go’ and it will give out only the reviews that seem authentic and filter out the non-authentic ones. It is like a report card of the reviews since you can also find the percentage of ‘unnatural reviews’ on Amazon.


Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sellers in the present-day world. It is not a domestic website anymore, restricted to only certain countries. Over the years, it has generated more than 149 million regular users on the website. It is also the go-to place of sellers since as per estimated, it has more than 6.35 million registered sellers. Given the high numbers, there is always a chance of some of the sellers or product reviews being fake, meant to mislead the customer. However, as much as it is the role of Amazon in detecting fake reviews, it is our responsibility as well since we are paying for the product. Making use of review checkers is the best possible way of making a smart purchase.


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