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AltExch | Next Generation Cryptocurrency trading Platform

The cryptocurrency market dates back to 2008 when the first domain was registered, and an anonymous group called Santoshi Nakamoto launched first-ever digital coin called Bitcoin.

The market straightaway caught the eyes of investor’s as it rose by 1000% in its first week of launch and never looked back regarding growth for the next 8-9 years.

The prices kept on rising ever, and more investments kept coming in from all over the globe. It was about six years later that the first cryptocurrency exchange was formed. Other Cryptocurrencies start to emerge, with Litecoin, Namecoin and Swiftcoin all creation their debut.

The time flew, and we have around 22+ exchanges hosting 1000+ coins, and the cryptocurrency market became a trillion dollar market helping people turn into overnight billionaires.

Now in the current scenario, the market is more about ICO’s if you’re into the day to day trading and about HODL if you’re into long-term trading of coins.

In this article, we are going to talk about one such exchange that not only hosts 500+ currencies and guides investors but also has a sale going on its coins for the next 30 days.

The name of the exchange is AltExch. As per a company report, it has issued about 1 billion coins of its own at a price for $0.01. The company aims to the move forward in steps of Bitcoin and wants to create as big a name as bitcoin.

We will now take you through some of the features and reasons on why you should use AltExch next time you trade any digital currency.

1)    Crypto Wallet and Exchange – Now, here’s a  thing that most of the exchanges don’t do and that allows users to store/park their currencies/stock of currencies for a longer duration of time and also allow the day to day trading  in the meanwhile,

The Altexch exactly does the same and helps protect the interest of all types of traders on one platform. This is the best thing that stands out with AlExch against all competitors.

2) Referral Program – the Second feature is an attraction. It is a way that many exchanges use to get new traders on board, but no one does it better than AltExch by offering 35% commission when a new user signs up and trade a min 100$ coin on their platform respectively.

3) Third reason/feature that we are going to talk about is that AltExch has its own coin and within 20 days of ICO, 60% of the total coins have already been subscribed. There are still 30 days until the ICO will run and then available on their exchange. You can grab one coin at as low as $0.01 and be with the company who aims to move forward in the path of bitcoin.

4)  Fourth reason and the last reason we are going to talk about is that we are going to talk about is that it has encrypted all the security measures required for an exchange platform available for its traders, It has been certified and trusted by about a million users from all over the globe. With the trust of a million users, there is a certainty of security and faith that you can lay on AltExch.

That’s it form us on the part of reason on why you should choose AltExch to trade and store your stock of currencies for an extended period, All the facts provided in the article are given officially by the company, and you can trace it back on their official website.

Wrapping up

AltExch is stated to be one of the top exchanges all over the globe shortly, and that is possible because it treated the newcomers and experienced ones with equal treatment through guides and charts respectively.  

With the sale of its coin and about 60% of them being sold, one can predict that it will help them achieve the goal sooner than later.

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