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All about Invisible Discord Name

Most of the Discord users who are avid gamers prefer their username to be blank to hide their identity. If you keep your identity to be invisible, it helps in the process of being a distinct gamer who stands apart from other named users. It is an advantage in the gaming world to seal your recognition and play the game as an anonymous player.

Invisible Discord Name

Usually, when you sign in for a Discord account, it asks you to register with a username, and that name is displayed as your identity. However, there is a way to stay anonymous by masking the username and displaying a blank. The method that we use to do this is by giving a blank Discord name.

In this article, we will describe how we give a blank Discord name in place of a username. This will completely mask your identity and keep you anonymous throughout.

What is an invisible Discord name?

We all know Discord is the commonly used platform by gamers for intercommunication through chats and video calls. It has been used extensively by all the gamers who set up an account and engage in multiplayer games online. While creating an account in Discord, it asks for a username like any other application to mark you with an identity. However, sometimes if you prefer to mask your username or hide your identity, there is a possibility you can trick your way into doing that by using a blank username which is displayed in place of your username.

This is usually a gimmick that we use to encrypt the username with characters that Discord does not understand. Hence it starts showing a blank username. Instead of using a fake name to cover your original identity, a blank username goes a long way in masking your original identity.

Advantages of using an invisible Discord name:

Using an invisible name can conceal your identity which in turn helps you to maintain a unique status among your fellow gamers. This would also help you in a better way at strategizing your game moves as anonymity helps you seal your originality. It makes you unique and secure from any unnecessary attention.

How to blank out your Discord name?

Making your username blank is a process where you trick the application into showing an empty username. When you register for the account, you cannot leave the username field as the application needs to associate you with a username. Hence the best way is to provide your username characters decoded in a way the application cannot recognize which in turn shows as blank. It will show up as an invisible name and the identity will be completely blocked from the others to discern.

We do this aforementioned process by using invisible text generators which mask your name as blank. There are many invisible text generators available online to space out the characters, and any of them can be used.

Let us get into the steps into blanking out your username:

Below is a special character that has to be copieḑ̷̟̭̺͕̜̦̔̏̊̍ͧ͊́̚̕͞

  1. Open the Discord app.
  2. Navigate to the user settings.

Navigate to the user settings

  1. In the My Account section, there will be an Edit button.
  2. Click on the Edit button.

Click on the Edit button

  1. Paste the special characters you copied in the Username section.
  2. Save it.

The above steps would have masked your username as blank.

There is also a possibility, where not just your username, your complete avatar would be masked as blank. You will be completely marked as an invisible user by blanking and fading your image completely.

There are invisible Discord avatars available online, you can download one of them.

  1. Open the Discord application or using a web version.
  2. Go to the user settings.
  3. Go to change Avatar under My account window.
  4. Paste the downloaded transparent image in place of your avatar.

Paste the downloaded transparent image

  1. Save the changes.

This will completely fade out your image and make you an invisible avatar.


Blanking out the username or your profile image to seal the identity is too common in Discord. Many users including avid gamers do this to have a concealed identity to stand out among their fellow gamers. This would make the gaming experience more thrilling and enticing. Following the above steps would not be a very tedious process as well, hence trying it out would perk up your instincts and make you feel excited.

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