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A Guide to Choose the Best FPV Goggles

Drone racing and recreational use have grown immensely in popularity among the UAV pilots. This is due to a pleasant and great experience of flying these drones. To make it even more pleasing, pilots are using FPV goggles to have an immersive feeling on the ground. With FPV googles, you will feel like a real pilot flying the multirotor, especially the quadcopter.

We have plenty of models in the industry now. This range includes the Eachine, Fat Shark, Skyzone, Quanum and the Boscam. The list is yet to continue with new models being added into he market. Given this variety of goggles, it may be challenging to know that which FPV goggles to get. Take a look at the main features highlighted herein.

Best FPV Goggles

What to look for in FPV goggles?

Form factor

There are basically Box headset and compact goggles types to choose from. The compact ones, as the name says, look alike to the ordinary glasses. They are lighter and portable on your face. On the other hand, the Box headset type is heavy and bulky. It features an LCD screen, usually 4 to 6 inches. Their OV (Field of View) is impressive.


To match with your GoPro Hero 5 camera on your Phantom 4, you have to purchase goggles with a higher resolution. With a higher resolution, you will have a clearer and crisper aerial footage. Equally important, your goggles must have a greater FOV. It is measured in degrees. If it says FOV 90 degrees, it simply means that the angle of view is 90 degrees because of the lens aligned with the angle.

Video frequency

The video receiver is often integrated and supports 5.8GHz. Check if your chosen goggles are compatible with this frequency. The other considerable feature is the number of channels compatible with your device. Some support over 40 channels, some 32 channels and so on. You will be lucky to find a reasonable one that supports all.

Other features

The features are many from one goggles to the other. These include headtracking whereby you can control the drone’s camera using your head’s motions. This is helpful in instances where you want to focus on racing only, not concurrently on the camera controls. Even for drone photographers, this is an indispensable feature.

When you fly the drone, not only are you interested in seeing the footage, but also to record HD videos. With the integrated DVR, you can record the videos to the MicroSD. Some goggles are compatible with external DVRs. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is actually for researchers to explore the unreachable places. You have to check for this feature as well.


Price is also a good consideration. Inferior goggles may be found less than $50, whereas the superior ones even above $200. Your intention will guide you that which price to consider. The good thing is that these goggles do not crash like drones do. They can last longer and be used with many racing drones to come.

FPV goggles are indispensable tools for drone racers, in particular. Their user and immersive experience are things to be boastful about. To have the best one, you just have to assess the features and choose accordingly. Also find out if they are compatible with your drone model.

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