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How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptops?

Gaming laptops are gaining popularity these days to their specialist high-end gaming components. Mainstream laptops are not that powerful in handling games. With the gaming laptops, gone are the mobile chips as replaced by the faster GPUs. There is a whole range of features of these laptops that may prompt to ditch out your old laptop.

Arguably the hardest part of buying these laptops is knowing the right one. Faced with a plethora of laptops with unique features and designs, the novice may have a tough time. The only way out is to know the main features of these top specialist gaming laptops. Then your hunt will be short and fruitful.

 Best Gaming Laptops

Features to consider when purchasing gaming laptops

Top features come at a price and at the expense of portability and battery usage. Among others, these include the processors, display configurations, CPU, RAM, GPU, SSD, hard drives and display resolution. At times the price tag can limit your choices between the low-end, medium range and high-end gaming laptops. Take a look at some features below:


The size matter when coming to portability.If, for instance, you plan to use the laptop predominantly indoors, then a 17-18 inch laptop such as the ASUS ROG G752VS-XB72K OC Edition 17.3-inch with high performance could be ideal for you. However, you must be prepared to pop out close to $2000 to secure such a laptop. It is heavy and bulky.

If you care about the heaviness without compromising performance to a large extent, the laptops around 15 inches such as the Acer Aspire VX 15 VX5-591G-75RM 15.6-inch may be ideal for your case. It is easy to walk around with this display inch, although not the lightest. The price tag is also reasonable.

The laptops below 15-inch are the best portable ones. They fit well in your bag. Moreover, they tend to have longer battery life than high-end laptops. But obviously performance is compromised. So you won’t enjoy the game graphics to the fullest.


The essential feature of these laptops is the GPU. It makes gaming a great and an enjoyable activity. The best laptop has the discrete GPU with a dedicated VRAM memory. An avid gamer will have to save a lot to acquire a high-performing processor with an excellent GPU. Your choices should be based on the NVIDIA and the AMD.

AMD delivers great integrated graphics performance, mainly on medium range gaming laptops. For top-of-the-range laptops, you might be comfortable with the NVIDIA graphics dedicated cards. The high-performing GPU starts from 2GB. This feature should be your priority when purchasing these laptops.

Laptop processor

The CPU is also an important feature to consider after taking into account the GPU. Ideally, the Intel Core i5 is a good choice for medium range gaming laptops. If you aim high, go for the Intel Core i7 to be on the safe side. The price tag is not for the budget confined buyers. A poor processor can affect your game performance adversely and abysmally.


The random access memory is an indispensable feature if you want your CPU and GPU to perform optimally. Most laptops come with the DDR3 of RAM, which is relatively faster. An 8GB of RAM is for the low-range products. Preferably go for something bigger than 16GB for an optimal performance of your game.

But the higher you go is the higher the price becomes. Take note of that too. If you are an occasional gamer, perhaps the 4GB Ram could be your best companion.

Hard drive capacity

They often range between 500GB and 1TB. The standard speed is also worth considering, which is usually around 5400RPM for low-end laptops. For an excellent performance, go for the 7200RPM and SSD (solid-state drives). With the 128GB up to 512Gb of SSD, you will surely have an unparalleled powerful machine with ample capacity.

These are the main features pertinent to the performance of your games. Choose carefully from a reputable specialist of these gaming laptops. Budget carefully. High-end laptops have a great performance, but disappoint with their compromised battery life.

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