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A Fashion Landscape Driven by Tech – abof

The online shopping experience should not just hinge on discounts – that is the philosophy of Aditya Birla’s fashion e-commerce site abof. The website is a pioneer in the Indian fashion landscape by providing bespoke content that caters to individual style preferences through a smart collection and usage of site data. abof has also effectively used tech to clear out one of the biggest issues with virtual shopping, getting the exact fit. Here are some of the new revolutionary features in more detail.

Finding the Perfect Fit Virtually

The worst part about online shopping is the gamble you take with fittings. Some garments are way too styled and complex for a regular size chart to be a relevant fitting indicator. Teaming up with tech firm Metail, abof has launched a 3D trial room feature for a large selection of its garments, where customers can click on a particular clothing and try it out on online avatars. From the back-end, this feature is made accurate by special imaging technology which captures the clothes from all the main angles and a customization feature on the avatars where the user can input exact measurements to represent the correct body shape. With this feature being rolled out, the fear of having to return a product will soon be a thing of the past.

Fashion Landscape Driven by Tech

Sunday Deliveries

Why should you wait for another day when your product is already in town? But this is a common scenario for those whose orders arrive over the weekend as most courier services do not operate on a Sunday. abof is taking this little hassle out of the equation with a Sunday Delivery policy. Now you can collect your new clothes from the comforts of your home rather than from the workplace on a hectic Monday.

One-Touch Returns, Quick Refunds

Returns can be the greatest headache when it comes to online shopping. Suddenly you are left with an unwanted product and a complicated procedure, while also having to wait long periods before you get your refund back. The abof app has a one-touch return feature that simplifies this whole process to a single button. At the same time, you no longer have to spend anxious moments waiting for your money back, as abof has a 24-hour refund commitment.

Customized Tips, a Fashion Landscape

Imagine having a personal fashion consultant, continuously getting tips and recommendations based on your personal choices and look. With abof’s personalized content feature, you can now log into the site and enjoy a feed that is designed just for you. Get the latest celeb news curated by fashion experts and witness the latest trends from across the world, all this mixed up with recommendations of products that would suit your personal style and tips to try out new looks.

Customers are increasingly looking for shopping experiences that cover the end to end aspects. From discovering new trends to finding the right fits, tech and data is being used to create cutting-edge features and increase user satisfaction, a core focus area for abof, since its launch in late 2015.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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