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A Beginner’s Guide for React.Js

Today we shall go through all of the basics on React.js. A lot of people already know that it’s a library of JavaScript and has been build for customizing the interfaces for users. It has been maintained by the team of Facebook and also some expert individual developers. There are various parts of React.js when we talk about learning the basic aspects. The step by step process eventually takes one ahead for learning about React Framework.


React: What Does It Mean?

As we mentioned above React is a considered library for JavaScript that’s flexible and both efficient and declarative for producing interfaces for new users. It also allows one in designing and developing complicated UI’s. This can begin from the smallest or the codes that have been isolated and also called as “components”. React provides incredible variations when it comes to its components. It will help in reusing the creation of UI components. This also presents data that gets modified over time.

Are There Any Pre-Requisites To Learning React.Js?

There is not an extreme need for learning React.js. But if you have some kind of experience over JavaScript and HTML, you will be able to learn everything pretty quickly. In case you don’t have much experience in the field, you can follow the steps as under:

  1. The basic pre-requisite for React.js for individuals is learning and understanding basic JavaScript and HTML. It is also alright if you don’t have any experience with it, but one certainly needs to know about some programming language for sure. In case you are a fresher on JavaScript, there are many articles online that can help with faster learning.
  2. One also has to get familiar with some programming functions like Arrays, Objects, classes, etc.
  3. One can get the understanding of ES6 coding compliance, you can also check Babel REPL.

Features of React.js:

Here are some of the React features that it offers over the plain JavaScript:

1. JSX:

The full form of JSX is Java Script extension and it’s a recommendation for the development of React. Do keep in mind that there are no strict obligations of using it in implementation.

2. Unidirectional Flow of Data And Flux:

The design pattern that keeps the data flow in a unidirectional manner is called Flux. React works exactly like this and it helps in making one understand the application well.

3. Components:

The applications on react.js are built up with making use of components. There are of course React templates that provide a complete framework and there is extremely less work that needs to be done from the developer’s side. It also keeps the code maintainable and helps save so much of time, when one is handling a large scale project.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to application development, React.js will be making your work easier. There is the usage of data patterns and components that improves readability in a much better way than other frameworks that you must have worked upon.

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