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8 Essential Pieces Of Equipment You Need For DIY Projects

Whether you own a construction business or you simply enjoy DIY projects, there are tools and equipment you’ll need to make any venture a success. Some equipment you can buy and others you can hire from reputable companies. For instance, just head to mobile scaffolding for hire UK and easily get it delivered to your work site.

8 Essential Pieces Of Equipment You Need For DIY Projects

Whatever your creative projects entail, we are giving you a list of essential pieces of equipment you need to complete your tasks. Perhaps you already have a hammer and screwdriver, but items such as lifting equipment and basic tools should be part of your kit depending on your project. Keep reading to find out why.

1. Lifting Equipment

Any major building project or even car repairs require the proper hoisting equipment to lift heavy objects. Lifting equipment is quite versatile because it can be used in various industries such as mining, mechanics and construction.

The size of your project will determine the type of hoisting equipment you need. For bigger construction requirements you’ll need a crane. Warehouses use forklifts to move boxes and other heavy loads from one location to the next. Hoists, however, can be used for the following:

Moving building material

Building scaffolding

Installing lights and sound for entertainment sets

Lifting people off the ground to work on higher floors of a building

What do you need a hoist for? Perhaps this piece of equipment is exactly what you need to lighten the load of your project.

2. Basic Tools for Building or Arts and Crafts

If you’re going to be doing DIY renovations around the house you’ll need a box filled with basic tools. The list of tools that we mention in this next section are also used in various industries such as:




Electrical work


Arts and crafts


A hammer is used to hit nails into boards. The claw hammer is the most common tool because it has a section at the back that allows you to pull nails out of boards or to loosen objects that are stuck.


Wrenches are used to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts & they come in various sizes. It’s a popular handheld tool used to secure fixtures or to work on vehicles.


Most handsaws are used to cut wood or planks into sections. A handsaw is used in carpentry to make tables chairs and other wooden structures. The handsaw is cheaper than an electric saw and they’re usually quite sharp so they can cut through wood easily.

Tape measure

Tape measures are used to quantify the size of an object and the distance between one item to another. It’s commonly used in fashion to measure strips of fabric or the size of a person. Measuring tape for tailors is flexible and soft to make it easier to manoeuvre.


Screwdriver heads come in various shapes that accommodate different types of screws. This tool is used to loosen screws to remove hardware or it can be used to tighten bolts to secure items in place. A screwdriver is used for maintenance and repair projects.

3. Jigsaw for Precision Cutting

Electric jigsaws are used to cut out shapes from various materials such as wood and plastic with the utmost precision. So if you need to cut curved lines the jigsaw will help you with the task. Perhaps you can use jigsaws to create interesting art such as marquee letter lights.

4. Mini Excavators for Backyard Projects

For backyard digging and moving large quantities of rubble, use a mini excavator. An excavator is used to dig and prepare foundation for buildings and patios. This versatile machine is also used to dig large holes for swimming pools or archaeological sites. What project do you want to take on in your back garden?

5. Concrete Mixer

It can be extremely difficult to mix concrete manually especially in large quantities. An electric concrete mixer can make short work of your layering projects for driveways, wall bricking, pavements and patios.

6. Handheld Sander

Sanding down surfaces manually can take a long time and it can result in rough finishes. An electric handheld sander works fast to smooth out blemishes and uneven surfaces.

7. Load Monitoring for Bigger Projects

Load monitoring equipment is extremely important to use in construction because it can measure the weight of objects that need to be hoisted or moved. Measuring the weight of construction materials can prevent wear and tear on a building after it’s built.

8. Wheelbarrows, Ladders and Chainsaws

For smaller maintenance and repairs in gardens & buildings you’ll need basic equipment such as:

Wheelbarrows: To move rubble, dirt and junk away from a site

Ladders: If you need to change light bulbs, paint ceilings or the top of walls you’ll need a step ladder for the job

Chainsaws: Small chainsaws are used to cut wood or trim hedges. Large chainsaws are used to cut down trees.

Final Thoughts

Do you have all the tools mentioned on our list? If not, perhaps it’s time you go out and buy or hire the equipment you need to complete your projects. Don’t let the lack of equipment limit what you can do. The resources are out there!

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