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8 Easy Ways To Gain FREE Instagram Followers

Have you been wondering how to get more Instagram followers? Although getting Instagram followers is now harder than ever before, don’t worry. It’s not only you seeing less reach and less likes, it’s everyone. Since the game has changed, if you want to gain followers you need a fresh strategy and approach. Whether you are working on behalf of a company or you are growing your own personal account, here are 8 different ways to gain more followers on Instagram

1. Use trending hashtags

8 Easy Ways To Gain FREE Instagram Followers

It’s obvious that hashtags are very important in marketing. Hashtags on Instagram will allow people who are not your followers to find you and start following you. You, therefore, need to use popular hashtags that your audience is using. You also    need to use hashtags that get searched often and the ones designed for getting followers and likes

2. Use Instagram tools

Whether you want to build a gorgeous Instagram feeds or gain more Instagram followers, Instagram tools can help you make the difference that you need. If you are looking to gain more followers, there are tools that you can use. These include ProjectInsta , Vsco, Snapseed, Over among others. For more information check

3. Use your posts in blog posts

If you have a business or personal blog, you can embed your photos on your blog. For instance, if you have a fashion blog, write a post about styling tips and choose some post from Instagram where you show pictures of your trendy outfit look. Over time, more and more people will visit your blog and also check your Instagram account as well. While this might be a long-term plan, by adding your posts right from the beginning you will get a high chance of visibility 6 months from now.

4. Work with influencers

Working with influencers is also another way to gain tons of Instagram followers. If an influencer has enough following they can give you a shout out that can boost your followers and your sales. However, make sure you write a contract that prevents them from giving you fake followers.
8 Easy Ways To Gain FREE Instagram Followers

5. Engage your fans

One of the top considerations in the Instagram algorithm is engagement. The more engagement you have the more the number of people who will see it. If you get many engagements, your posts may reach even more people. A good practice is to engage your followers by replying to their comments or liking their posts. Since they took their time to check your posts, it’s good to also reciprocate.

6. Spread your uploads

Although you might think that filling your page with more photos will bring more followers, this is not true. By posting several photos, you will end up with a lot of photos on your page. While non-followers may start following you those who are already following you may pull off. On average, you need to post not more than three photos per day.

7. Host contests

If you host contests or giveaways you might get more followers. If you have a small audience you can post your give way in certain give away in blogs or facebook groups. If you are just starting out this can help you gain massive followers on Instagram. You could also invite your audience to comment or tag their friends to enter the contest. With the help of your followers, you could reach many people who may not have heard about you

8 Easy Ways To Gain FREE Instagram Followers

Just like other social media networks, Instagram is not a broadcasting platform. You need to ask yourself about the kind of action that you want people to take? If you don’t know start thinking about that and know exactly what you want people to do with your post. That call of action will definitely make people to virally spread your content.

So there you have it top 8 easy ways to get Instagram followers. You just need to spend a bit of your time daily enjoying Instagram while following new friends, liking comments and even commenting on awesome posts. It’s the time that you spend on sharing and showing the love that will gain you new followers. In order to get more followers, you need to be more strategic.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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