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8 Best Zoom Backgrounds You Can Download For Free

One thing that was used by everyone excessively was any means to keep connected to the best and fear ones especially during this pandemic which shut down all the doors, stopped everyone from striking out. no schools, colleges, offices. no gathering, no to shopping malls or movies. at a time like this, the only way a person could stay connected was the endless zoom calls which brought a sense of relief to people.

Best Zoom Backgrounds

 Through zoom calls, Someone stuck in another city can talk to their parents, the highly active extroverts can remain connected with their friends. The workaholics continued their office like nothing major happened. what changed was only the background of All these. instead of offices there was home and everyone got used to it. For major kid changes especially at a time when one can’t step out, Zoom is helping its users to enjoy their time in the home with some cool background. From tons available, you can select what suits your mood, your vibe and just syncs in with you and your tribe aka your friends.

I’ve hand-picked some of the best zoom backgrounds for you all that you can download for free


 The real Disney World and Disney Land is closed, but so what? Enjoy an amazing virtual tour of all the major beautiful places of Disney via the background that “says it all”. The magnificent castle designs will take all the worries off your mind.


These selected Star Wars virtual background will take you back to the movie universe. You can select your favourite one to go to the available options for you.


This one is personally my favourite as it gives you a feeling of connection to nature. Defining the beauty of the relationship that we share with it and can’t be broken. This virtual background section is all about the lush greens. In the wild or your living room. how to sand were to keep the Greens? you’ll get all the ideas after you see them.

4) Game of Thrones: The iron throne

A fan of GAME OF THRONES? Well, don’t worry, you don’t need to fight the Lannisters, Starks, Baratheons or any other noble house of Westeros for the great Iron Throne — you can enjoy everything yourself just via a free Zoom background and feel like The ruler. Trust me it’s just amazing for someone having an interest in Game of thrones to go through this collection.

5) Giphy Backdrops

Zoom background need not always be static or boring. Everything should be fun, without fun one can’t enjoy life. Similarily to give a break to the boring static backgrounds we specially have gipsy backdrops. Their movement makes it all the more interesting as you can enjoy sitting in front of the seaside with a moving sailboat enjoying the view every day.

6) MARVEL Movies

A fan of marvel? Eh? well, we all know the world is divided between DC and MARVEL fans and we have some awesome detailed backgrounds for a marvel fan here that you can check out and download for free. So be it Iron Man, Thor, Hulk or Thanos himself. you can explore all and select your favourite.

7) Nature

Are you too Stuck at home wishing you were backpacking somewhere or would have already been on a trip, enjoying life to the fullest of this pandemic shouldn’t have hit and cancelled every single piece of the plan. No worries, we have an awesome collection of natural wallpapers exclusively or the travellers. You can sit, relax and enjoy the view with ease at your home. The high snow-capped mountains or a stream in the middle of nowhere. Such beautiful breathtaking landscapes will rejuvenate your soul and quench your wanderlust soul’s thirst.

8) F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

A very popular sitcom. the setting and the characters both the things are loved by the audience equally. You can have your especially background as per your mood, be it the Central Perk cafe where favourite feels like relaxing or be it the Joey and his food, a constant reminder that you do not want to share your food. Select your favourites and keep them changing as per your mood. isn’t it awesome?

So, decide, pick your favourite, have enough variety at your reach always. ,

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