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8 Best Mobile Social Networking Apps To Try In 2020

If you want to make sure that you are making use of the best social networking apps, then here are given some of the important and best mobile social networking apps that you should try in 2020.


Facebook is known to the most prevalent social network. It is the best place to connect with a lot of people either from your former or current life with more than 2 billion users. Not only that, but you also have the option to connect with a lot of people in this network.


Instagram is considered to be the best social media network in case you are more interested in looking at short video clips and images. You will find that about 35 % of American adults possess an account on Instagram.

This particular social media platform has gained much popularity in the current days as you can easily find incredible artwork, stunning photography and a lot more on this platform.


LinkedIn is known to be the best social networking platform for professionals. With the growth of this site, it has considerably become of the best ways in which you can build your CV. Also, you can easily find a completely new job from the professional network.


Twitter is considered to be another popular network that has got a lot of negative coverage. It does not contribute to endorsingany reasoned debate. Further, the presence of several fake bots contributes to corrode further experience.

But, Twitter is known to be the best resource in case you want instant reactions, breaking news and also access to your favorite sports. In case you find some good videos, then, you even have the option to save those from Twitter.


Mocospace is a popular mobile game community specifically focused on mobile. So, it is known as the mobile social network. The specific feature of this site is much similar to the other social media platforms. It has more than 11 millions users registered Users according to analysis.

For that, you only require to simply login on your char and mobile, upload videos and photos, do blogs, use apps, use instant messaging or else participate in the forums. In case, if you find any difficulties for login then refer Mocospace login guide. Mocospace again us involved in providing protection to the users. This is the reason, why people like to use it on their smartphones.


Snapchat is considered to be such a platform that is exclusive for the hangout of young people. This particular site specifically revolves around the sharing of the self-destructing videos and images. Apart from that, you can again find featuresof messaging and a lot of features related to gaming.


This social media site is all about what happens whenever there is a collision between blogging and social networking. Also, you have the option to post photos, text, videos along with other particular media content on the blogging page. After that, other specific users have the option to follow those.

This particular network again perfectly supports HTML edition. So, in case you are proficient in these skills, then, you can easily customize the overall layout and also the look of your page. Even, you have the option to make use of your own custom domain name.

According to MamabearApp, Tumblr is also supposed to be safe for minors. Before the prevalence of an outright ban in December 2018, it is seen that about 22 percent of the traffic on this site was found to be pornographic.


This platform is considered to be the best site for image bookmarking. Along with that, it perfectly supports videos as well as GIFs. Also, you have the option to add images to either your private or else public boards. Apart from that, you can also follow some other boards, users as well as comment specifically on pins.

This website is great in case you are looking forward to a DIY project inspiration or else you require something if you have some great ideas in your mind.

Final Words

So, these are some of the best mobile social networking apps which you should definitely try in 2020. You will also find the availability of social media apps in recent days. Therefore, before using any social media apps, you should be well aware of their pros and cons.

Brian Flores
Brian Flores
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