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7 Things to Know Before Visiting a Women’s Clinic in Singapore

Visiting a women’s clinic is an individual’s choice, but it is a requirement if you’re a woman. Even though it’s necessary, most women find it awkward for the first time.

It wasn’t meant to be a nervous experience for anyone, though. Health experts at the Health Advisory Clinic (THA) endorse visiting a women’s clinic in Singapore because it helps you connect with certified experts and talk about some of the most intimate aspects of your sexual life.

What Should You Not Do Before Seeing a Gynecologist?

A girl’s body goes through a lot of changes as she enters adulthood. Because of this, many girls often feel at odds with their bodies when they reach puberty; thus, it is easy to understand why visiting a women’s clinic may sound scary for the first time.

If it’s your first visit, it is normal to feel the pressure of wanting to do what you think is right to stay calm during the sessions. Here are a few things you should not do two days before visiting your gynecologist.

  • Sexual intercourse. Health experts recommend that you don’t have sex for around two days before visiting the clinic.
  • Don’t insert objects like tampons in the vagina. 
  • Don’t douche the vagina. Keep it clean but do not douche.

Here are the seven things you should know about your women’s clinic in Singapore.

  • The best Age to Visit a Gynecologist?

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, girls should start OB/GYN visits between the ages of 13years and 15 years. You can then follow up with yearly wellness visits.

If you have any concerns with your sexual or reproductive life, for example, contraception options, STI testing, or period problems, make sure to discuss them with your doctor during the gyno exam.

  • What Happens During a Pelvic Exam?

Pelvic exams usually involve three aspects. These may include external genital assessments where the doctor will mainly check the visible parts from outside, for example, the vaginal opening, clitoris, vulva, and labia, etc.

The doctor will also use a speculum to do a cervical and vaginal exam. During this session, the physician will insert the speculum into the vagina to expand it, making it easy to view the vaginal and cervical walls. The doctor will also take samples using a specially designed scraping device or soft brush to test for STIs and do your Pap test.

  • You Can Ask a Friend to Accompany you for Support

Most people find gynecological exams weird on their first visits. To avoid feeling insecure or weird about the whole process, your gynecologist will allow you to bring a friend if that would make you comfortable. From a very close family member to a best friend, be sure to invite one to accompany you to the session if you’ll need their support.

  • Honesty

In as much as you may not feel at ease for your first time, gynecologists have handled many cases before you, and they need the most accurate details about you to offer or recommend the best products, tests or treatments. Be sure to be honest with your OB/GYN about your menstrual cycle, sexual life, and anything they might ask you related to the exam. Your health is precious, so you mustn’t shy about sharing anything with your doctor, as hiding some information may lead to a misdiagnosis.

  • Your OB/GYN is Sworn to Confidentiality

Are you worried about your privacy being leaked? It would be better not to worry because, in all women’s clinics in Singapore, the doctors are sworn to preserve the patient’s confidentiality. If you’re 18 years+, the doctor is bound by the code of ethics to keep all your information private. If you’re below 18years though, you’ll need to visit the facility with a guardian.

  • You Doctor May Ask you about Your Sex Life and Menstrual Cycle

Your age doesn’t really matter. When you visit a women’s clinic in Singapore, a clinician will conduct a general physical check on you to record your blood pressure, weight, and height before you proceed to the OB/GYN’s table.

If this is your first visit, it is most likely that the doctor will not perform a physical exam to assess your reproductive organs unless you’re sexually active. The doctor may also only perform a physical exam on your reproductive organs and ask you about your sex life and menstrual cycle if;

  • You’re having health complications such as painful periods, 
  • You get irregular or heavy bleeding or 
  • You want an STI test.
  • Gynecologists Don’t Really Care How You Look

Gynecologists are humans like us, and having worked with many patients, they’ve seen it all and really won’t care about your appearance down there. If you’re wondering whether you should shave or not, the answer is, you choose to do what makes you comfortable. 

You can leave it with all the hair, wax, or shave it. The choice is yours. Just be sure to maintain hygiene. If you’re on your periods, you can work with your doctor to reschedule the appointment, but if it was an emergency, you’re still free to walk into the assessment room when you’re on your periods.

Final Words

Being confident about your sexual health is good for your general health and your self-esteem. If you haven’t visited a women’s clinic in Singapore, you’re still not late. Book an appointment today to start the OB/GYN visits.

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