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7 Job Posting Tips That Will Attract the Right Candidates

Companies are always looking to cut costs to boost profits. The internet is now widely used for either marketing or posting about vacancies in a company. Human Resource Departments of all the businesses are using social media and other tools for posting new job openings. Most of them use 100% free job posting sites or their company’s official page to advertise these jobs. Finding the right candidate for the job is tricky but can be made easy by the following tips:

7 Job Posting Tips

Clear Job Title:

When posting a job, remember to be always clear about the job title. A confusing one can lead to many unnecessary applicants, which will strain the company’s resources and waste time as well. Using a clear job title will only attract people with that particular skill.

Sell Your Company:

Be open about the working environment and the ethics of your business. Whenever making these posts, always remember to market your business; this can be a free marketing tool as well. Write all the positive things about the company and don’t forget to mention the benefits your company can offer to them.

Clear Job Description:

Always be transparent in explaining the exact duties and the nature of the job while posting. This could also include the number of working days, annual holidays, salary packages, overtime details, and related things. Make it short but concise.

Simple and Effective:

There are a lot of jobs posted on different platforms but the ones that stand out and get the most response are written in a simple yet effective manner. Try making your posts as simple as possible but include all the necessary information. Use a friendly and welcoming tone that immediately holds the attention of the reader.

Include Company Motto or Logo:

Nearly all the companies have a tagline and a logo; always use them while job posting. The motto reflects the vision, while the logo reflects the identity of the company. If used properly, they can attract a lot of attention and can also increase the trust and confidence of the potential candidate in your company.

Qualification and Experience Required:

Always write in detail about the qualification and experience required for the job. Some jobs require particular qualifications, be sure to mention them when posting for a job. Similarly, be very clear about the experience required for the post. If possible, put a disclaimer as well to discourage anyone who doesn’t meet these requirements.

Post Job Internally First:

This could be one of the easiest tips to find the right candidate. Before looking for outside candidates, it would be wise if the job was initially posted internally. More than often, the best candidates are already working in the company. Posting internally will not only give you a candidate who already knows the company but also would be an easy choice if they fulfill all requirements.


The shift from using newspapers to advertising and posting new jobs online without any cost has helped many companies find the right candidates. A well written, short but concise, and catchy post will always grab a potential candidate’s attention.  

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