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6 Tips to Make Instagram Reels That Stand Out

Anyone wishing to have 15 to 60 seconds of fame needs to make an Instagram reel. The future of Instagram is videos, and if you want to enjoy the platform more, reels are your ticket to Instagram success. But, how do you create Instagram reels that are not boring or similar to the old reels? First, you need a guide to making content that stands out to get noticed by Instagram followers.

Below are Instagram reels ideas that will come in handy to make your Instagram followers pay attention and stop scrolling.

Make Instagram Reels That Stand Out

  1. Have a plan 

Make Instagram Reels Have a plan

Instagram reels are different from Instagram live or Instagram stories. Therefore, to make the best reel, you need to plan, but not too much detail, as if you are shooting a professional movie. Have a concept in mind and think about how you will make the most of the features of the different reels. Consider what your Instagram reel is about, the goal behind it, and how long you want it to be. Also, consider if you need to use other features such as music or effects and others and do you want to speed it up or use the normal speed. For now, knowing what you want to shoot and how you will do it is all part of the plan.

  1. Be creative and original

You do not want to bore your followers by creating similar content with everyone else. To keep them watching, make your reels creative and original. Therefore, think of what you can do on reels that other people are not doing. If you are pushing your brand. Think of ways you can present it from a new angle? Even when it is slightly creative than other videos, it’s a good start to creativity. For instance, if you are an exercise instructor, provide micro tips on specific issues that are educational for your community.

  1. Hop on trends 

Hop on trends

Instagram reel trends are many and in various things, but they come and go quickly. Therefore, if you feel you do not know what to do on your next reel, check what is trending and do it. Join the fun and interact with others on the same reel trend. If you are a brand, adapt to trends quickly, and this way, you keep up with your audience and engage further with them. Also, among the trending reels can be a particular song making rounds, a particular reel format, or audio clips doing the rounds. Plus, always hang out on Instagram to learn about these trends and see what other creators are up to on their page. But, if a reel trend sometimes does not make sense to your business, don’t hop on them.

  1. Lead with a hook

Lead with a hook

The start of your reel matters, and you need to plan to hook your viewers with how it starts and let them watch the rest of your video. The hook can be a special effect, something you say, a facial expression, an image, or text. Therefore, as you plan your content, think about what can grab the attention of someone scrolling through reels to make them stop and pay attention to the end. Once you know what to use or do, follow through to creating your Instagram reel.

  1. Be consistent 

To see results from your Instagram reels, keep at it. One reel will not be the one to shake things up in most cases. Post consistently to get the most out of the viral benefits of reels. Your first attempts may seem unsuccessful, but do not give up. But try different things. Use transitions and effects and hop on trends when they are relevant to you. A creative and consistent approach to reels will get you noticed by your viewers. Have a routine on how often you will make the reels and be consistent.

  1. Keep captions short 

Keep captions short

Using long captions on Instagram reels does not work well. Viewers will have to check more of it to keep viewing, and it can be frustrating when you have shorter captions and other reels to watch. Besides, the target is for your customers to watch your reel. Not take all the time reading your long caption. Thus, for best results, use a short caption.

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