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6 Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Desktop Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Whether you are new to the world of fiber laser engraving or are a seasoned expert, choosing the most appropriate desktop fiber laser engraving machine can be nerve-racking. The sheer breadth of options is overwhelming. Fortunately, you can make the selection process easier if you compare the different laser engraving machines across the following metrics.

Choosing a fiber laser engraving machine
                                          Choosing a fiber laser engraving machine

1.  Versatility

If you are acquiring a fiber laser engraving machine, it’s unlikely that you are planning to use it for just one type of job. Therefore, you are better off going for a machine that’s versatile in its ability to meet different engraving needs. This would mean the capacity to not just cut different patterns and materials but also the ability to handle a wide range of target object shapes.

That being said, there may be advantages of going with a specialized laser engraving tool, especially when it’s for industrial purposes where the diversity of projects won’t be that high.

2.  Ease of Use

Versatile, feature-rich equipment is good. However, a machine’s sophistication and capabilities won’t matter if it’s incredibly difficult for users to understand or work with it. So as you go through the different models, keep an eye on those that are fairly easy to use. You can gather plenty of usability intelligence by taking a look at online reviews of the product.

An engraving machine should be intuitive, the design ergonomic, and the controls straightforward. Engraving is itself hard enough, with hardly any room for error. So make sure the equipment is easy enough to use for you to concentrate on mastering the activity that really matters.

3.  Video Tutorials

From industry leaders like the N-Lase Desktop Pro (https://www.needhamlaser.com/product/n-lase-desktop-pro/) to the newer, virtually unknown brands, a good fiber laser engraving product must have robust documentation that explains the various functions and features so users can hit the ground running. But let’s face it—no one has the time to read through hundreds of pages of product documentation. This is where video tutorials have a distinct advantage.

A fiber laser engraving machine video tutorial can delve into all salient points in a matter of minutes. Look for a machine where the vendor has taken the time to create in-depth videos that walk customers through the product’s features so as to maximize the value they can derive from it.

4.  Customization

No two customers have the exact same laser engraving needs. Whereas it’s not feasible for a manufacturer to create a product that addresses every engraving job imaginable, the best engraving equipment must facilitate a significant degree of customization.

It should be possible for not just the user to calibrate and configure the machine to suit different requirements but for the vendor to build a custom machine in line with a user’s specifications. Some of the ways a laser engraving machine could be customized include enclosure size, part handling and degree of automation.

5.  Expert, Reliable Support

At some point, you can expect a laser engraving machine to run into problems that you are unable to resolve in-house. This is just the nature of electro-mechanical equipment and not necessarily an indictment on the inherent quality of the product. When that happens, the longer it takes you to resolve the issue, the more your business losses pile up.

Go for a laser engraving machine vendor who has a solid reputation for stellar, consistent customer service. Opt for vendors who can demonstrate the existence of a 24/7 support line, provide remote troubleshooting and programing assistance, have on-site support services and are open to preventative maintenance agreements.

6.  Price

This has been deliberately listed last to emphasize that it should not be the primary consideration. No organization has an unlimited budget, so the price is definitely a factor in choosing a laser engraving machine. Nevertheless, an excessive fixation with budget can cause one to miss out on world-class products that are slightly beyond your set budget.

It’s okay to narrow down your set of options based on what you can afford, but it’s vital that you keep an open mind for offers that may provide immense value over the long-term. You are more likely to get the best deal if you determine what features are a must-have for you so you can then select from the most appropriate items.

A fiber laser engraving machine is an investment that can deliver long-term returns orders of magnitude to its purchase price. That’s, however, only if you pick the right machine. Apply these tips and you’ll be on track to getting the most optimal desktop fiber laser engraving equipment.

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