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5 Ways On How To Promote Your Vacation Rental To Travelers

Travel in past was limited to just a few days off work or to work-related trips. But with people opening up to more viable options (vacation rentals being one of them), plus the increase in transportation as well as lower cost airfares, we are now seeing more frequent travelers for both work and leisure.

5 Ways On How To Promote Your Vacation Rental To Travelers

In this guide, we will cover why this new trend in vacation rentals has come about and finish off by giving you some advice on how you too can promote your own property to those looking for short-term vacation rentals.

The Rise of Vacation Rental Websites and Web Technology

Holidaymakers and business persons alike are taking various trips to different locationsmore frequently than ever.With this boom in tourism and business travel, vacation rentals have been flourishing. We have seen websites such as Airbnb, HomeAway,, FlipKey, Agoda, and many more show an increase in the number of vacation rental properties on their listings.

Vacation Rental Website Builders

There is one tech company that has been in the midst of the vacation rental boom helping property owners quickly and effortlessly create a website for their vacation rentals.

Lodgify helps property owners save on the costs involved with creating a website for vacation rental owners. Using the Lodgify software platform, even those with no knowledge of website coding can easily learn how to build a vacation rental website.

Furthermore, Lodgify encourages vacation rental owners to list their properties on as many vacation rental sites as possible to maximize exposure. With the Lodgify Channel Manager, property owners are able to manage calendars and bookings across multiple websites all in one central location, making Lodgify a powerful vacation rental tool.

At the moment, there are no other tech companies out there as sophisticated or advanced as Lodgify. The only other option is to use a WordPress theme that takes a lot of time and effort to set-up and management. As a result, Lodgify’s website builder is the perfect solution.

What are Vacation Rentals?

Vacation rentals are properties that are usually privately owned by those that want to take advantage of the higher rental prices they can bring in from short-term rentals; as opposed to renting their property on a monthly basis in which the rental is low, but occupancy is guaranteed.

A large number of homeowners that own property or properties in tourist or business catchment areas have started letting out their private property or properties to holidaymakers and business travelers alike on a short-term rental basis via a number of different websites that cater for home/property owners.

Most travelers pick for a vacation rental rather than of a timeshare because you can find a property that matches their specific needs. The owners also are often willing to accommodate guests needs and might be able to get a better deal upon reservation. Although timeshares are often located in desirable resort locations, one of the drawbacks is the owner’s are liable for any damages or issues with the property that is why some of them are asking for a timeshare pull out to the best company for cancelling timeshares.

Daily rates can fetch up to 5 times more than a monthly rental contract divided by the number of days in a month, which is why vacation rentals have become so incredibly popular.

In this marketplace, there are also many different trends when it comes to vacation rentals. Some people prefer renting their home to families while some allow group travelers and some other may accept solo travels as well. We have also seen a boom in property management companies and timeshare businesses also using vacation rental websites.

Interested? Here Are 5 Tips for Promoting Your Vacation Rental

We are targeting those who offer their home for vacation rentals, and so our aim is to help you to succeed by giving you tips on how to market your property and how to maximize your earnings.

  1. Identify your potential market: The place you own and the location is paramount. The travelers (who travel for work) always look for a place that is convenient to visit, like nearby markets or restaurantsand cab facilities. They ask questions such as is this property near corporate offices or near a city railway station?On the other hand, those who travel for leisure may look for natural beauty or a place that is calm and composed but still has access to all emergency needs. Therefore, if your home is nearby a principal city and is close to other amenities, then your targeted travelers are those that travel for work. Ensure your listing appeals to the types of people that visit your area for short-term trips by providing as much information that would be of use to them in order to encourage them to book.
  1. Create or rent a vacation rental website: A website is a great way to approach a broader market. With a vacation rental website at your disposal, you will be able to project your rental accommodation and highlight its features to attract travelers. Many service vendors provide vacation rental website services. You can look them up to develop your website or get have one customizedfor you. is the key to managing multiple listings on multiple vacation rental websites from one central location; while, it also means you will own your own personal website.
  1. Provide exclusive services: If you want to stand out among your competitors then try to offer unique services at your rental. Supply of essential commodities like toiletries and breakfast can be of great help. You can also attract visitors by providing them book a cab facility using your local cab service providers.
  1. Communication is the key:Do not forget to communicate with your guests often. At times travelers find it hard to manage on their own in a new place. A little help can give them a jump start and encourage a positive review at the end of their stay. Positive reviews are key to getting more bookings in the future.
  1. Digital marketing: It’s time for digital marketing. Using SEO and digital marketing techniques such as Social Media and newsletters can help you attract recommendations from previous guests as well as repeat business. You can also launch promotions with competitive pricesand other benefits to increase occupancy when calendars have gaps or when you need to attract more guests over the off-peak periods. Also, try not to forget to add a review for your previous visitors as they will appreciate this.

Hopefully, if you are a homeowner, we have opened your eyes to a world of new opportunities. For those that are already renting out their properties, then we hope this article has enlightened a little more. When you use our 5 suggested techniques, you will kickstart your campaign to maximizing the number of bookings you get andsee the benefits of a well-managed service by encouraging reviews from happy customers.

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