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5 Tips to Help in Writing Research Paper

When you’re writing a research paper then you should consider its purpose, formatting, writing style and arguments to support your thesis writing. Here are five useful tips to help you write a great research paper.

  1. Research a Topic Well

One of the important parts of writing a research paper is performing a thorough research. It is a crucial process and you cannot avoid it no matter you like it or not. It helps in finding the right topic and studying it in depth to write the research paper about it. Deciding the topic for the thesis writing is crucial. Narrow down the broad topics and make an interesting title to attract the audience.

You should always choose the credible sources for the research as it will make the research paper authentic. You can search about the topic on the internet, encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers. When you search on the internet check the social shares, popularity and authority of the site. After choosing the topic, write a unique and magnetic title. It is an important component of the research paper and should be interesting to attract the readers. Your title should clearly define what the research paper is all about. It is recommended to keep the main keyword in the title.

Writing Research Paper

  1. Write a Thesis Statement

It’s important to write a solid thesis statement. If it’s written prior to research, it will help to define the direction of the thesis writing. At the same time, if it’s written after research then it will help to organize the data.  It defines the purpose and gives direction to your writing. The thesis statement should be simple and specific. Perform proper research to write a thesis statement and make sure that your idea works well having enough materials to research about. Here are key points you should remember while writing a thesis statement

  1. It should be expressed in the form of the sentence.
  2. Avoid framing it as a question.
  3. It should not contain the phrases such as “I think”
  4. The thesis should contain all the related elements to support.
  5. It should not be written in the vague, figurative and incoherent language.
  1. Taking Notes and Preparing Outline

Gather all the notes from the credible sources. Make a list of central theme and sources to support the arguments. Evaluate the sources and prepare an outline. It helps in planning the content well and you can systematically arrange all the notes providing a proper flow to the thesis. Start an outline by writing the body of a research paper to support the thesis statement. Use credible sources to support the arguments and research paper writing.

Write an introduction which clearly defines the thesis of what it is all about. At last, write a concluding paragraph containing 2-3 sentences that support the thesis writing. Remember to summarize the thesis well and avoid adding any new point in the conclusion.

  1. Preparing Final Draft

After you finished the outline, you can start preparing the final draft. Try to use the original content and powerful keywords to attract the readers. Avoid using the long sentences and keep your thesis writing simple and clear. It is recommended not to use passive tone more than 10%. You can use good vocabulary to make the content more comprehensible. Research the topic well presenting your ideas effectively in the thesis alluring the readers. State the cite the supportive arguments to make your thesis look authoritative.

  1. Editing

It is important to check the spelling and grammar errors. The flow of the research paper should be natural. Mention the citations for the sources supporting your arguments. Provide the proper credit for the sources to make your thesis more authentic and credible. You should revise the spell errors, grammar, punctuations, formatting and style. In fact, you can use tools such as Grammarly for making your proofreading easier. After final editing, read the content for at least 2-3 times and rectify the content errors if any.

Final Thoughts

By following the useful tips listed above, you will be able to write an effective research paper required by your professor. Take care that you follow each of the tips properly and make sure that you put all your efforts to write the research paper in the best manner as possible.

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