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5 Tips On How To Optimize Your First Vlog Channel On Youtube

Vlogging is the next frontier for anyone who wants to grow their business and reach millions of potential clients around the world. The number of viewers visiting YouTube is increasing at a great rate and tapping into that will absolutely benefit your business or program in a great way. It is however worth noting that Google owns YouTube and optimizing your channel is absolutely important. As you start vlogging, the quality of your videos is absolutely important and this should be your focus at all times.

5 Tips On How To Optimize Your First Vlog Channel On Youtube

Always bear in mind that your first impression really matters and before people get into the content, the visuals will determine whether they stay or leave your channel within a matter of seconds. Shooting using a good camera is advisable and you can find the best vlogging camera under 100 from online sellers or even in a store near you. Once you have your video ready, the next step is to create a channel where you’ll be broadcasting your content and make sure it’s optimized. So, how do you optimize your first vlog channel on YouTube?  Here are 5 valuable tips to follow: –

1. Design a powerful home page for your channel

Your home page is your face and this is as important for your YouTube channel as it is for your website or blog. As such, it needs to have the best of impressions thus making it important for it to be built professionally to summarize what your vlog channel is all about. Make sure to use a profile picture or image that’s clear and avoid cluttering your page. This acts as your vlog channel’s icon and will appear on YouTube. You should also focus on creating a high-quality banner, which you can edit with a high-end photo editing computer – you can read more here.

2.  Create a powerful title

Your title is absolutely important when it comes to YouTube video or channel optimization. You should make sure that your video or channel title has the relevant keywords which should also be engaging or interesting. An effective title that captures the spirit of your content will be important and it should make the audience look forward to a truly informative and interesting video. Your keywords should be naturally included and not spammed otherwise your campaign could die even before it starts. Pushing the keywords towards the beginning of the title could be helpful in giving your channel a higher ranking.

3. Optimize the descriptions

The video descriptions also play an important role in enhancing your channel ranking just the same way the titles do. As such, in order to increase your YouTube channel viewership it will be highly recommended that you do some research on keywords in line with what your potential audience could be searching online. The keyword should of course be related with the content you have in the video and not just anchored to deceive or mislead the search engines. As you write your description, make sure the key phrases or keywords are also used naturally.

4. Include relevant video tags

Adding video tags is absolutely important when uploading your videos to your vlog channel. This is an option you get from YouTube and it plays a very important role in increasing viewership for your videos. You should add relevant tags and these should include keywords that are specific to the video and the niche you are covering. Researching the relevant keywords should be done thoroughly and shouldn’t be hurried.

Make sure to understand what keywords or phrases the audience is searching as far as your content is concerned and use these to make your vlog channel visible with ease. You should however avoid the usage of many tags which have not relation with your videos whatsoever as this can easily attract a penalty on YouTube channels.

5. Create a playlist for an organized channel

Creating a playlist on your YouTube channel’s homepage not only helps to keep your channel organized but also plays other important roles. You can have your channel look more like a television network and include some popular videos and themes that will capture the attention of the audience and keep them watching. Playlists can be used to develop an effective content strategy that guides your viewers from one video to the next for many hours.

Rather than have the audience watch a video for a few minutes and then exit, a playlist will keep them glued and moving from one video to the other. Your playlist can work an effective Search Engine Optimization function as you connect your videos with related keywords and tags in the videos.

With these tips in your mind, it will be easy for you to grow the viewership of your vlog channel on YouTube. You can also take things a step further and buy YouTube views from trusted providers. Always focus on metadata to make your videos easily visible by search engines and also give you an edge when it comes to the ranking. Always remember to keep your video descriptions, titles and thumbnails relevant to your videos and channels to increase viewership.

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