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5 Tech Trends Your Business Should Know In 2019

In an era of tech-savviness, companies must be deliberate about catching up with the changes that keep cropping or otherwise be made redundant by technology. It is impossible to fully concentrate on major business aspects like marketing and customer relations and ignore the place of technology, yet still, expect positive results. Since technology must always have a place, what are some trends your business needs to be aware of in 2019? Find out below:

Tech Trends Your Business

The Internet of Things

IoT is a trend that has overwhelmed the market already, where the way things are being conducted has changed. Today, machines can talk to machines, for example, a printer and a laptop, which has brought in better management approaches for businesses. For your business, take the initiative to learn how the internet of things works, and how your company can benefit thereof.

The use of Chatbot

Whether in a Restaurant business or any other business for that matter, the use of Chatbot has already taken root in the virtual world. Chatbots are great in ensuring excellent customer service, by keeping communication flowing at all times.

The technology has spread to instant messaging and social media bots, which top brands are already capitalizing on to perfect their relationships with their target customers. You can use this technology for your site’s application notes, opinion pieces, as well as tutorials, making sure that you pace up with your customers as you share content on your platform.

Voice-activated wearables

The world is pacing too fast because of technology, so much that the audience has become dynamic as per the changes in technology. With Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana, voice-enabled assistance is possible, which has also upped the customer satisfaction across the board.

With time, the voice-enabled technology with dwell into wearables like wrist watches, rather, smartwatches. If you do not anticipate the behavior of your target audience talking to their smart devices through voice-enabled technology, then your business’s future is likely to suffer greatly.

Cybersecurity prominence

Today more than ever, cybersecurity concerns have become a predominant topic in the world. Business owners and individual internet users alike are becoming a lot more protective of their personal information. Although technology has done a lot of good, we have it to thank for the high rise of cybercriminal activities all over the virtual space.

As cybercriminals and other malicious people keep finding ways to crack codes and hack into websites, be very intentional with your cybersecurity measures to reduce or avoid the impact of data loss during a catastrophe.


We have honestly come a long way since 1G, and still, the journey does not end at 4G. The 5G technology promises so much more capability than any other before it. The package comes with faster speeds, no latency, and an ability to support a massive interconnection of devices.

It is to the advantage of your business that you consider upgrading to 5G services as soon as possibly possible because the technology is still underway. Overall, this will grant you more productivity in matters of generating feature articles, guest columns and product reviews, compiling case studies, coming up with market overviews, among others.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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