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5 Reasons Why Your iPhone Is Locked

With the advancement in technology taking over the world, it is often difficult for people to cope up with that. Often the older generation gets left behind in trying to deal with the new advancements. It’s not something to be worried about. It is common since big companies are bringing in new and updated in order to improve the operations of the devices. Similarly, all those Apple lovers having iPhones often face this problem. The biggest problem they face is when their iPhone is locked, and they have no idea if that’s the case or not. So here are the 5 most common ways to check if your iPhone is locked or not, you can be a pro at unlocking any iPhone.

your iPhone is locked

1.The situation when you bought it

A big reason why people don’t know that their iPhone is locked or not is because they have no idea when they bought it. If the phone is bought from the Apple store through a wholesaler or from the carrier itself, then most probably it will be unlocked. The receipt they issue after you’ve bought will most certainly show that the status is “Unlocked”. However, if the iPhone is bought from the carrier’s plan, then it is possible that it still is locked. Even people who buy from their friends and acquaintances (second hand), then make sure you ask them whether it is locked or not.

2.The iPhone service plan

The service plan undergoing on your iPhone is also critical in determining whether your iPhone is locked or not. If in case you are on a 2 / 3-year contract, then it is most probable that your iPhone is locked. Once you pay off your dues, then you can unlock it. However, in case you have prepaid services or the new “Pay as you go” plan, then chances are that your iPhone is unlocked. There might be a possibility that there are some exceptions, but this option works in most cases.

3.Give a call to your carrier

This might be the easiest and most effective way to check if your iPhone is locked or not. Just dial the number of your carrier. Once you get through to the customer care representative, you can simply tell them the verification and ask about your iPhone’s status. They will obviously acquire all the necessary verifications and then confirm the status. You can get all the details about your carrier on Google. In case you don’t know your IMEI number, go to the Settings > General > About > IMEI. And you are there. This is an easy way to determine whether your iPhone has been unlocked or not.

4.Through the SIM card

If you are a frequent traveler to overseas, be it for business purposes or personal, then you are bound to face roaming issues unless you have a good service plan. The best way is to get a new sim card from the country and move around freely. However, you would need to confirm the unlocking or locking of the phone by an additional procedure. After you have replaced your SIM with the new sim card, try and make a call to someone. If in case there is no error, then it is almost certain that the iPhone is unlocked. However, in case you are unable to connect to the network, then there might be a problem. Your iPhone is locked as it has only a single carrier. This will need to be addressed if you wish to make any more calls.

5.Checking it via online means

The internet is filled with possibilities to make your life easier. There are many online tools that you can access in order to find if your iPhone is locked or not. The first thing you need to do is find your IMEI number through the Settings. Once you have done that, you can search for any reliable tool online, like IMEI24. Just enter your IMEI number and see if it is unlocked or not. This method is not 100% reliable as the IMEI numbers might not be updated. However, it can be a good method in case your IMEI number shows up as it can clearly show if your iPhone is locked or unlocked.


These are some of the ways through which you can determine if your iPhone is locked or not. You can use this information to master the art of unlocking any iPhone you come across.

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