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5 Reasons Why PDFBear’s Number One PDF To PDF/A Converter Tool

People are converting their PDF documents to PDF/A purposely for stability. It is the most recommended format that can help preserve the original content’s quality for many years to come. PDF/A is another version of a PDF that observes ISO standard 19005 and guarantees your PDFs are duplicated or reproduced in a similar way as the original file.

Convert PDF to PDF A in PDFBear

A need for accurate tools or programs is a must to make it possible. There are bunches of available online converter tools today, and one of these is the PDFBear. It is an excellent online PDF converter tool accessible for anyone looking to convert their files to PDF/A and other formats. This web-based tool comes with many free and available features for almost all devices. Here, we will share the top 6 reasons why PDFBear’s number one converter tool today.

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A in PDFBear

The process of converting PDF files to any format you want is easy and straightforward as long as you know the right tool and right method. Below are the four simple steps how  PDF to PDFA converter online is being done in PDFBear software:

Step 1. The first step is to search the PDFBear site on your browser and look for the ‘PDF to PDF/A’ button on its landing page. You need to click it to have free access to the online converter tool.

Step 2. You must upload your PDF files to the software’s service to start the conversion process. All you need to do is click the ‘Select Files’ button to get to your file manager and select which PDF files you might want to convert.

Step 3. After the uploading process, you can now select from the options accessible on how you want to manage your files before proceeding to convert them. Click the ‘Start’ and wait for the converter tool to generate a download link.

Step 4. To download your newly converted PDF/A file, hit the ‘Download’ button and then save it to your device. If you want to send it to your Google Drive account or email it to someone, choose the option for it.

What Makes PDFBear Recognized as the Best Online Tool Today?

Having many conversion services to offer makes PDFBear the best online tool today. With its PDF to PDF/A converter, you will not encounter any issue throughout the entire process of converting your PDF files. Here are probably the best things about this fantastic online tool.

1. Fast Conversions

PDFBear is considered a comprehensive tool that can help manage your PDF files.

In just four easy and quick steps, you can immediately transform your document from PDF to PDF/A format. Besides providing high-quality conversions, this platform is likewise reliable for its fast conversion performance. In less than 2 minutes, you can do all the upload, convert, and download processes.

With this website, you don’t need to stress how long it requires to create a download link. The system will quickly convert your file from PDF to PDF/A and provide a link for you to download the new document.

2. Direct Interface

Adjusting a PDF document sounds somewhat complicated for some people. A Portable Document Format (PDF) is known for its read-only format. In any case, on the off chance that you want to customize your PDF, like converting it over to PDF/A, you can try using the PDFBear tool. It offers one of the most straightforward interfaces with clear guidelines published.

Additionally, it doesn’t require that you’re tech-savvy to access the website as it comes with user-friendly features. As simple as one, two, and three, you can quickly transform your documents from PDF to PDF/A format. Regardless of whether it is your first time doing it, your experience will be perfect.

3. Compatibility with Any Device and Program

If you are looking for the best PDF to PDF/A converter tool, it is the most recommended platform. Unlike other online tools, the PDFBear is compatible with almost any device such as smartphones and laptops. Today, it is also accessible to any browsing platform, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari on Apple gadgets.

4. Secure Network

All of us need privacy. Even on files, we prefer not to share some exclusive information. Here comes the PDFBear, who truly respects it. Since then, it is popularly known as a reliable and dependable online tool. Your safety and security have been continuous and will be its main concern and priority.

It always comes with high-end technology for your data protection. As a tool equipped with a 256-bit Encryption feature, you can assure that all of your files are secured from any unwanted users. Plus, this platform will permanently remove all of your uploaded documents after an hour of the conversion process.

5. Top-Notch Results

Sometimes, it is inevitable that your files’ quality is affected during the editing or converting process. There are even cases where the format is changed. But with this website, it always ensures to respect your files’ integrity and quality. It can change your PDFs over to PDF/A format, leaving that file’s original quality without affecting its characteristics, such as the layout and structure. You can depend on this platform’s services for your PDF files.


Now that you have learned about PDFBear, how easy and quick it is to convert your PDF file to PDF/A format, you can always opt to use this platform. With its services, you can efficiently convert, rotate, organize, optimize and secure your PDF files for future use and references.

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