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5 Reasons Why Do We Have to Write Essays

One of the forms of students’ educational work is essay writing. Any student studying in a higher education institution, from the first year gets acquainted with this type of educational work. Therefore, students need to know the requirements for the essay and be sure to apply them in practice. This form of control is independent research work.

Have to Write Essays

The purpose of writing an essay is to form students’ ability to use scientific literature and analyze the information obtained. Execution of an essay should help students learn to independently choose the necessary materials, summarize, systematize, compare and draw conclusions based on their analysis. In this paper, the student must show his knowledge and vision of the chosen topic. However, in some cases, students want to find someone, who can complete their assignment, and decide to pay for essays. By clicking on the link you can visit the website of the company, which offers quality help in writing essays and any other papers. 24/7 support and free edits are guaranteed there.

Despite this, everyone should have essay writing skills and pay attention to correspondence of the content to the chosen topic; lack of deviations from the topic in the text; compliance with the structure of work, its clarity and validity; the ability to work with scientific literature, isolate the problem from the context; the ability to design a scientific text (correct application and formatting of references, a compilation of bibliography); the ability to correctly understand the position of the authors whose works were used in writing an essay; the ability to correctly convey the used copyright material without distortion; compliance with the scope of work; accuracy and correctness of the design, as well as the technical performance of the work.

Below, we will tell you 5 important reasons why you have to write essays.

The Importance of Essay Writing

Study carefully the information below and you will understand why it is so necessary to write essays:

  1. An essay is a specific type of independent work (along with term papers, dissertations, articles, reports, etc.), thanks to which students expand their speech activity and master the necessary writing skills. Essay writing is aimed at increasing the effectiveness of training, increasing the productivity of writing, and the development of creative thinking skills;
  2. Writing such type of papers requires certain theoretical preparation and elaboration of educational material, so it is also considered as a fixer. As practice shows, in most Western educational institutions, academic essays are widely applied as an essential means of monitoring the material passed, it is provided when entering the university and when taking international tests, so considerable attention is paid today to the development of students` writing skills. The aim of an essay is to identify the creative element of the cognitive activity, his ability to analyze, interpret information, provide reasoned conclusions and own assessment;
  3. By working on an essay, a person receives a number of beneficial Essay writing involves the systematic creation of coherent texts across a wide range of disciplines and, thus, helps a person to reveal the ability to more accurately formulate own ideas. The writer also becomes more self-disciplined, as he should attentively read the supporting information, comprehend it, delve into the subject of the research, and organize own thoughts, presenting them in a particular order. Furthermore, an essay helps to study the basic terms and concepts of a specific subject area, to form skills of academic literacy, develop observation, analytical, interdisciplinary relations, teaches the proper use of examples, quotes and arguments, and allows students to monitor growth and progress;
  4. Essay preparation contributes to the acquisition of knowledge not only on one topic chosen by the student for research but also requires in-depth mastery of complex subjects important for the chosen profession in a particular field, based on a broad scientific and practical knowledge. At the same time, in the process of management, verification, defense of these scientific works, control of students’ knowledge and skills is carried out, students who are inclined to scientific work, as well as those who are able to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, are identified;
  5. Teaching an academic essay must not only focus on improving the level of academic writing skills, and also contribute to the growth of the overall level of student literacy. It must be directed at increasing both cognitive (analyze information, hypothesize, provide own ideas in a specific structure, draw conclusions) and language skills (abstracting, paraphrasing, forming ideas, expressing own opinion through various language means).

Essay Writing Tasks

Considering all of the above, it seems appropriate to define the tasks that are solved in the course of writing an essay:

  • Systematization of skills of critical analysis and assessment of modern scientific achievements;
  • Strengthening the skills to find the necessary information;
  • Systematization of fast orientation skills in the modern classification of sources;
  • Developing an adequate understanding of what has been read, highlighting the main thing and fixing it;
  • Drawing up notes;
  • Expanding the skills of scientific research, written presentation of theoretical issues, and generalization of real facts;
  • Contributing to the formation of students’ scientific worldview, methodical thinking, and practical action.

Thus, writing academic essays plays an important role in the educational process. It develops cognitive and language skills, stimulates cognitive activity, expands professional knowledge, and promotes the consolidation of knowledge, and therefore helps to form a comprehensively developed personality and a good specialist.

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