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Intriguing Beyblade Facts you Should Know

Although the hype of the Beyblade started back in the 90s but it can never become outdated whether you are a kid or a grown up. With the passage of time, these Beyblade also upgraded, which requires some proper battle field for a competition. They are simple and colorful spin tops categorized into different categories according to their properties and appearance as well. Here are the main kinds that you can find for the best beyblades.

Intriguing Beyblade

Kinds of Beyblade

Takara Tomy Toy was the first Japanese company to introduce Beyblades back in1999 using materials such as cast iron, rubber and plastic. With the innovation and evolution that upgraded the beyblades manufacturing by replacing the cast iron with metal calling them beys. Mainly, there are 4 kinds of beyblades that includes

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Stamina
  • Balance

Attack Beyblade: To be in the battle aggressively, attack beyblades are the perfect choice. Appearance wise they are bigger in size and heavier in weight with the bulging edges to give them an impression of dragon wings. This gives the impression to burst the opponent during a battle.

Defense Beyblade: Compared to the attack Beyblade, the defense Beyblade is small in size yet it is as strong as the attack Beyblade. It has the rubber bumps to cover the edges that helps to push the opponent but keep spinning. It keeps on deflecting the opponent without stopping.

Stamina Beyblade: As you can get it from its name, a stamina Beyblade is ultimate endurance. This Beyblade has the energy to keep on moving till the end till the opponent’s bey gets collapsed. They are powerful enough to bear the attack and keep on spinning until any external force is used to stop it.

Balance Beyblade: Having a balance type Beyblade means that you have all the beyblades. This Beyblade possesses characteristics of all the beyblades. It is capable of attacking the opponent aggressively maintaining its stamina.

Well, this is how you can distinguish your Beyblade and get to know which one would be right for your kid. Still, there are some factors that you should know about the Beyblade and how to choose it.

How to choose the Beyblade?

Everyone wants to get the best Beyblade in the world. Some factors you should know about having the best one amongst them. You should look out for the equipment. 


The equipment of the Beyblade includes a launcher and stadium which is necessary for the pavement for a professional beybattle. This includes

  • Launcher
  • Stadium
  • Personal Preference

Stadium: Like other games and sports, there is for beyblades as well. The Beyblade stadiums are licensed ones. Some beyblades come with a stadium. Appearance wise it is just a plastic tub with the solid edges around.

Launcher: Launcher is the thin wired shaped that comes with the along the Beyblade to launch the Beyblade. Every launcher can easily go with any kind of Beyblade but it does not mean that you can play with one launcher with each Beyblade. The launcher must offer solid grip or else it can lead it to an imperfect Beyblade launch.

Personal Preference: Personal preference is also important when you are choosing a Beyblade for the battle as it shows how you want to play in the battle field. The types that we have mentioned in this blog will guide you to buy which Beyblade you want and how the player will want to be in the battle field.

If the main equipment to the game are used in the right manner and you have the knowledge of how to choose the right bey for the battle, then nobody can easily beat you in the battle field.

Precautionary measures keep it safe while playing. These are the prominent ones that you should take care of.

The Rules and Safety Measures for Playing with the Beyblade

  • Rules should be cleared when you are going to play a Beyblade tournament so there would not be any kind of confusion left.
  • To prevent any kind of injury, prior to beginning with the tournament, it is suggested to be seated.
  • While playing with beyblades, make sure you are playing in an open place or at least take care of the fact that nobody is standing behind or there should not be any wall while launching the beyblade. This will prevent from getting any injury to yourself or to others.
  • Watching your kids while they are playing because they possess a small part can make your kid choke, that is why the age limit is recommended for 8+ ages.
  • Let your Beyblade stop on its own as it not only will be counted as fowl but also it will prone to hurt your finger.
  • Don’t lean over to the stadium as there are chances that it can hit if it gets busted.

Like every other game, there are a set of rules and scoring for playing with the best Beyblade. Some strategies to stand out by scoring in the game includes

Scoring techniques in the Beyblade Battle

To be a professional Beyblade player at home, you should know the scoring techniques and methodologies so you can easily score. The main techniques include

Ring Out Finish

You should keep an eye on the opponent’s beyblade top of the ring. A ring out pocket in the burst finish is worth having a point.

Survivor finish

In case your opponent’s Beyblade stops spinning before your top, you will get a point.

Burst Finish

While in a battle, when a Beyblade bursts i.e. ripped into pieces before you’re your Beyblade stops then you will get a score for that.

Closing it with

Covid-19 has restricted our kids to the home which made it difficult for some people to engage their kids into something amusing. In this blog we have tried to cover all the required information that a noob must know. We have mentioned a detailed research and gathered information that will help you out if you are going to give it to your young ones. In the end, as all we want is a healthy, fun filled full of excitement competition.

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