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5 Of The Best Escape Room Ideas

In the past few years, Escape rooms have taken a tremendous rise and popularity all around the world. People, especially the teenagers want to try different types of Escape Rooms every now and then.

There are various Escape Rooms being built and updated every now and then considering it as an adventurous sport.

The thing or the feature that makes an Escape Room special is its unique and interesting idea.

Before we move further let’s have a brief idea about Escape Rooms.

5 Of The Best Escape Room Ideas

What are Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms are generally a house or a land or any place depending upon the idea. A certain amount of people are allowed to enter the room which has a certain theme and the group has to solve the puzzle and come out within a certain amount of time.

The theme can be mysterious, horror r even funny. Clues are there all around and have to be solved which is not a one person job and hence they all have to work in a team.

The ultimate aim is to solve the puzzle and complete the stages to win.

Here are some of the best Escape Room Ideas.

Numbers or Decrypt messages

There can be a room which has clues in terms of numbers or decrypt messages written on walls or objects which is like a puzzle to be solved to get a lock code or pin to get through to the next stage. This is one of the best team building activities as stated by hundreds of corporates.

Codes and ciphers like Binary, Pigpen codes, etc can be used in order to make the puzzle more interesting along with a shady wooden house of the medieval period.

Plain texts

Another idea can be using any theme you want along with plain texts which are written over the objects or paper which are some verse or poem answers to which will take you to the next level.

This theme can run for quite long as you can change the puzzle as per your requirement and update the same with time.

Hidden Clues

One can use a forest or a horror theme and hide the clues in there. Solving these clues wont be the main task but finding them to pass through the next stage can be.

This theme too can be long lasting as the clues can be hidden in unexpected places and main aim would be at diverting the participants from the same.

Get to the clue

Keeping any theme you want with clues visible right through is just another brilliant idea. The clues can be kept right in front and the main puzzle can be getting to them i.e it can be a safe box or a jail where they have to find their own way to get through to reach the clue for passing the stages.


Your mystery house can rather be a maze which needs to be solved further rather than depending on the clues the participants need to find a way with their memory and thinking.

This ones the most different idea in terms of Escape rooms which needs a bigger place as compared and is hardy used anywhere in Escape rooms.

One can add in your preferred ideas and additions to the ideas above to make it better in their own way.


Thank you for reading the article and let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite point or if your favorite point is already mentioned abovee

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