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Tricks And Cheats Of Roblox

What is Roblox?

Roblox, a global gaming platform uniting gamers worldwide, is garnering immense interest since the past decade; standing at a mind-boggling 100 million monthly active users today. The tech savvy generation is massively cashing in on its innovative and creative quotient.

Tricks And Cheats Of Roblox

Roblox in a nutshell: Online multiplayer gaming and game designing system platform
Incepted: 2006
Co-Founders: Erik Cassel and David Baszucki
USP: Single/multiplayer games running on
Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Xbox One

The cornerstone of the Roblox platform is Robux, which is basically the digital currency used across the entire Roblox platform. One can use it to buy limited and premium cosmetic items for the characters in games, to acquire premium assets produced by players, or to purchase microtransactions within the Roblox games.

More Robux = more wealth in the Roblox arena

Roblox’s motto of play, create, and imagine is quite vulnerable to some of the cheat codes, which are kinda inevitable in each and every game.

Top 15 Tricks and Cheats of Roblox

  • Find free OBC by redeeming code ‘94063’ while logging into the account and accessing the Builders Club.
  • Earn 400 free robux by simply punching in ‘brickmaster5643’ while getting the Builders
  • Simply earn the broken mask by first procuring that round/perfection head and wearing it along with the ninja mask.
  • Key in ‘-’ or ‘/’ and enter: 850000000000.
    (For instance, you may cheat on level and experience by typing in 850000000000 / 850000000000)
  • Just smoothly glide down by jumping up and using your sword to glide. One can always use a jetpack and fly, subsequently using a hammer to destroy the jetpack and swiftly glide down.
  • Moon walking can be done by pressing and holding the ‘up arrow + S’
  • Press ‘ctrl + F1’ to freeze the game while playing.
  • The flying hat gig can be undertaken by pressing ‘=’ in any game, without talking. The hat swiftly shoots off the head and reappears if one is walking on the hat or dying. The prerequisite is definitely to be first wearing the hat to make it work.
  • To rip a bag, just buy a paper bag and a round head and wear both of them to witness the rip in the bag.
  • Jump on the skateboard and wear your military experimental jetpack to start flying in the air while hover boarding.
  • Access super VIP by wearing the newly bought Driver’s License t-shirt by Playrobot (worth 20 Tix) to the Robloxiaville game.
  • To fly when walking in games, simply get a 2X2, 2X3, and 2X4 brick and place it on the top of your feet under the stomach to see the magic.
  • Another trick for flying is sticking 2 white blocks to the upper portion legs and then toggling the up and down keys to fly.
  • Wreak a zombie riot by using the copier tool and deleting the tool to click on the zombie. The zombies will automatically start shooting from the ground.
  • A sure shot cue to entrap a newbie is to procure an ordinary chair and face it downwards. This chair when taken to a newbie’s ship may easily trap the newbie when he attempts to sit on it.
  • Roblox password guessing is also doing the rounds. A series of steps such as tweaking passwords, creating malware, phishing emails, social media engineering, spidering, and dictionary attacks are taken by the experts to hack and trick the gamers and earn robux.
  • Some sites like are offering free robux hacker tips, as the name of the site suggests, which can easily be accessed following some of their simple rules and regulations.


Invite-only Game sans Advertisement 

Roblox is an invite only game, which does not advertise, and offers a shared community to get an immersive gaming experience. Moreover, a designer’s gaming and brainy creation capabilities are put to test in the Roblox platform. It gives him the power and the high to wholly solely own the games’ rights to grant permissions and set rules.

The platform has also been under intense scrutiny by the media and other stakeholders, for when technology is a boon, it also sometimes becomes a bane. The fact that the primary audience of Roblox comprises children and adolescents puts a lot of pressure and responsibility on the company to ensure a healthy environment on its platform.

Roblox Developers Conference 

Robolox annually hosts a ‘Roblox Developers Conference’ for its loyalists. The 3-day invite only event witnesses nerds brainstorming and bettering the platform. The invitees are made privy to some to the upcoming changes in the platform, way before the whole community gets their hands on the information.

The Roblox platform has a lot of rewards and accolades to its credit. The 2017 Roblox Developers Conference witnessed an undergraduate creator/developer earning enough to fund his education at Duke University.

Thus, lets hail Roblox for creating fortunes and destinies, while simultaneously fueling creativity and innovation in the current crop of millenials.

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