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5 Email Design Trends to Watch Out In 2019

Email marketing campaigns are still relevant and that won’t change anytime soon, continuing to grow as the year’s pass. And as we continue to innovate and bring on new technologies, there are many more designs we can put into our emails when sending out newsletters and the like to our subscribers. That’s why it’s crucial to learn all about the latest design trends that would entice your subscribers to read your emails and follow your call-to-action.

5 Email Design Trends to Watch Out In 2019

So if you want to learn more about the various trends to follow for your email marketing campaign, read on! I’ll be showing you the top five email design trends to watch out in 2019.

In the midst of tools like a Postcards free email builder and other analytical software to create and monitor email marketing campaigns, what are the aesthetic and visual designs that attract subscribers? These are the top five to look into and follow this year (maybe even the next):

  1. Personalization and Interactive Email Experiences

When people receive emails, one of the things that make them click on the subject line is through the personalization of their name! Not only is their name mentioned, but emails based on their interests and likes, as well as the slang used depending on specific demographics such as age and location. With all these, as well as a fun and conversational tone, it can have subscribers feel more personal and interested in what companies have to offer.

Furthermore, interactive emails are still a top priority for email marketers, which make call-to-actions much more efficient to do. From one-click purchasing from emails down to creating product reviews and the like, these can help marketers and subscribers to garner information and make the email more useful and functional for both parties. Rather than simply reading, you can integrate something users can do for their own sake, too.

  1. AI and Machine Learning For Better Content

This is a growing trend with the many advanced technologies companies are now doing for the sake of email building and other marketing campaigns. As AI and machine learning begin to pick up the different habits and interests of your email subscribers, they will be able to individually tailor different factors of the email, from the product suggestions down to the send time to ensure that the receiver opens and is interested enough to make a purchase based on the email sent.

While AI-designed emails still need improvement, the different tools which insert content in designed emails are already becoming a thing today. It helps to save a lot of time in designing and developing emails, while still adding personalization that has subscribers create a positive buying decision. However, you’ll still need to double check such emails made to ensure that the emails are personal, relevant, and with “human language” or slang to avoid feeling like they are talking to a robot.

  1. Simplifying Email Designs With More Animation

Email attention spans are very short, you only have 11 seconds to put in all information as possible that looks interesting enough for your subscribers to read through. Because of this, email marketers are now looking into a more simplified design of emails, which doesn’t only look more attractive today, but to also make it faster loading and for efficient changes if needed.

This is especially helpful with the increase in mobile usage, as we need mobile-only designs. This would help in speed and user experience, also making email layouts more compatible for any gadget used. Besides this, more animation has become attention-grabbing, with animated GIFs becoming more popular. With the advanced animation concepts (without much abuse of it to avoid slow loading emails), it’s able to help provide enough information and still keep your subscribers’ attention.

  1. Better Email Accessibility For People With Disabilities

This isn’t just an email trend but should be a necessary email design element to be put on all emails today. Email accessibility is a growing concern nowadays and it’s time to make special considerations for those who need the designs to help make reading much easier. It’s best to take on that broader scope to make email design as useful for as many subscribers as possible.

With email designs for those who suffer from poor vision or other disabilities, there are now other features such as voice-assistive technologies for those with hearing impairments this time. With PWD-inclusivity, it really helps increase the trust and reputation of your brand for people to continue subscribing to your newsletters, even visiting your website to learn more about what you have to offer.

  1. Scaling Email Build Systems OR Creating Unique Email Designs Without Templates

Email design is only becoming more complex, which is why there are now advanced tools which can have you build emails successfully without spending too much time and effort. Adopting templates and utilizing such email systems makes email building efficient and reduces and risk of errors.

But while email templates can help with brand consistency and make it easier to design, brands are also recognizing the power of going for the unusual and going for special email designs, which are usually created for very special messages, announcements, and news. The percentage of brands who now use special email templates have gone up the past years and is expected to do so this year.

Wrapping It Up

This year, expect to see a lot more of personalized, interactive emails that will stand out among the many newsletters businesses send today. With understanding and utilizing more new email design trends, you’ll be able to create even better newsletters which capture attention and have you achieve goals. Just remember to focus on the combination of aesthetic and user experience.

I hope that this article on the five email design trends to watch out in 2019 helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and start bringing those trends into your next email marketing campaigns now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on email design, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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