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5 Electric Cars to Be Released In 2021

 Although the world is still coping with a global pandemic, 2021 looks like a very important year for the electric vehicles market. Never before were there so many new cars on sale with more announced coming in the future. By now, it is safe to say that electric vehicles are here to stay. Here is a selection of the best and most interesting EVs which will debut for the 2021 model year.

5 Electric Cars to Be Released In 2021

1. Honda e

Electric cars’ future is in more affordable models, and every car manufacturer tries to do just that. Honda resisted the whole EV revolution for a couple of years but has decided to introduce a new model that resembles the original 1971 Civic in design and basic concept. The 2021 Honda e is a small, electric vehicle designed to be a fun urban runabout. With a small 35 kWh battery, Honda e is capable of traveling 137 miles (220 km).

2. Polestar 2

Polestar is not just a new company but also a new approach to an electric family sedan’s theme. It is a unique, five-door hatchback with specific styling, exciting features, and competent driving dynamics. It is pricey at almost 50,000 pounds, but it comes with a 78 kWh battery pack, 400 hp electric motors, and up to 233 miles of range. And fantastic looking, premium-feeling interior and upscale materials.

3. Volkswagen ID4

The German company invested enormous funds and effort in creating ID3, Golf-like, a compact electric family car which should revolutionize the segment. But VW knows that the family crossover is the future’s body style, so here is the ID4, an SUV version of ID3 sharing all technical components and drive train. This means the buyers will get 52 or 77 kWh battery packs and up to 310 miles of range. Not to forget the distinctive design and two-tone paint job. 

4. Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Porsche is serious about its electric car program, and since the customers so well received the Taycan, the company decided to expand the offer with a cool-looking and more practical station wagon. Called Taycan Cross Turismo, this electric vehicle will share the same drive train and battery options, which means it will have up to 751 hp in Turbo S version, insane performance, and over 250 miles of range.

5. Lotus Evija

The legendary British sports car company is returning in 2021 with an incredible new sports car called Evija. Although it is very expensive (2 million pounds), Lotus was proud to announce that it already sold its first production year. Besides the fantastic design, Evija has impressive specs starting with almost 2,000 hp from its four electric motors and 70 kWh battery pack. Such a competent drive train is capable of launching Evija to sub 3 seconds 0 to 60 mph times and close to 186 mph top speed.

Its an interesting time for the UK car industry, with the arrival of electric cars becoming more imminent. There are more EVs on the road, then ever before, this has led to an increase in public charging station and EV charging equipment which you can purchase from EV King. You can use their car reg checker to make sure you purchase the correct ev charging cables and accessories for your car.

Electric cars are being unveiled every month. They are improving constantly with better designs, increased speed and further range.

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