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Slideuplift: Win Your Clients with the Best Presentation Templates

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create a captivating presentation, impress your audience and save a lot of time, all at the same time?

Best Presentation Templates 1

With SlideUpLift, you can get your hands on a rich pool of an ever-growing business presentation template gallery. There are nicely indexed categories on the website that make navigation easier, and finding the right template takes not much of your time.

So, what is SlideUpLift?

SlideUpLift is one of the leading presentation template providers globally, offering an extensive library of highly curated and innovative business presentation templates. SlideUpLift’s templates are built on the foundational principles of vision science & storytelling. All their templates have been designed by experienced business professionals and PowerPoint specialists. Their templates cater to a wide spectrum of business fields ranging from Marketing, Project Management to HR, and many more. Not just that, the template library also covers a large collection of Shapes, Diagrams, Animations, Icons, charts, and isometrics commonly used in presentations.

Some of their noteworthy features we wanted to highlight are:

1. 100% Editable PowerPoint Shapes

Editable PowerPoint Shapes

At SlideUpLift, you get access to a non-exhaustive library of 3D designs, diagrams, structures, animations for presentation, and a lot more.

Impressing your audience takes much more than just a presentation with all the facts and information. You surely have to make your presentation appealing to the eye. Including unique shapes to depict your cause makes your presentation worth watching.

SlideUpLift provides 100% editable shapes in PowerPoint to make modern slide decks customized to your own needs. There is a wide variety of shapes in their library, ranging from animations, icons, isometrics, charts, diagrams, and everything you will ever need to design a perfect presentation.

  • Vast collection of Animations:

PowerPoint-Vast collection of Animations

The best way to bring your presentation to life is by adding a variety of animations, icons, and isometrics to it. When used well, animations are a great tool that can capture your audience’s attention and ultimately strengthen your message. SlideUplift has a plethora of wide-ranging animations, icons, and isometrics allowing you to make exciting presentations for your audience.

  • Eye-catching Icons:

PowerPoint-Eye-catching Icons

Icons are small graphic representations of a distinct idea and unlike images, they’re usually simplified. This way, they help to represent a more general concept easily. SlideUplift has a great variety of icons to help you design versatile slides.

  • Unique Isometric Illustrations:

PowerPoint-Unique Isometric Illustrations

Templates with Isometric illustrations allow you to present your data with perspective and also helps in keeping your audience engaged. There are plenty of eye-catching isometric illustrations on SlideUpLift that can help you enhance your presentations by giving them a fresh look.

2. Unique PowerPoint Diagrams and Layouts

PowerPoint-Unique PowerPoint Diagrams and Layouts

Aiming to capture your audience’s attention, diagrams can be of great use. With an amazing deck of diagrams available for download, you can say a lot more without using too much text.

The best part about these diagrams is that they are editable and provide a higher degree of flexibility.

You can easily pick and download your diagram or template and fill in the information right away. Every PowerPoint diagram has been crafted specifically to cater to unprecedented graphic requirements.

3.  Data-Driven Charts & Dashboards

PowerPoint Dashboard

According to a scientific study, humans are not fond of raw statistical data thereby making it difficult to comprehend without proper visual representation.

SlideUpLift offers a great variety of charts through which you can easily display the most mundane statistical data innovatively. The dashboard has a variety of different charts starting from, S-curve charts, pie charts, data dashboards, triangle shapes, and many more.

4. Add-to-Cart Feature –

SlideUpLift has this amazing add-to-cart feature that allows you to buy individual PowerPoint templates from the website. This is what makes it stand out from most other template providers, who push you to buy their membership plans to use their services. One can always try out their services first by buying individual templates and then move on to buy membership plans later as per their need.

5. Smooth Integration with Google Slides –

Creating presentations is a tricky process because it requires you to do the job manually and hence ends up eating a lot of time. The best feature of google slides is that it makes busy business professionals’ lives convenient by allowing them to produce presentations on any device, anytime from any place. You will be delighted to know that SlideUpLift’s presentation templates are compatible with Google Slides. Thus, it helps save a lot of time and effort.

6. Plans & Pricing

There are five different pricing plans available to users. Their Basic Plan at $9.99 is a great place to start with if you are a first-time user looking to try the service. It offers 6-month access to their ever-growing template library as well as the Add-in. If you and your team desire to improve presentation quality, then the best plan to choose would be their Premium Annual plan, priced at $349. This plan gives you unlimited user access to their templates for 1 year, helping you ace your presentation game. 

7. Excellent Customer service

SlideUpLift has wonderful customer service that can be vouched for with the hundreds of happy clients’ testimonials on the internet. Moreover, their customer service team works 24/7 to solve all your queries and is always ready to go the extra mile. 


SlideUpLift has fully customizable presentation templates and all other features. This platform can be a go-to spot for someone who wishes to impress their clients with their presentations.

So, if you want to give the best presentations that are creative and engaging, then definitely give SlideUpLift a try! Use their library of free PowerPoint Templates to get started.

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