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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Promote your Business

If you are a small business owner, promoting your organisation is probably something you think about a lot. It is important to promote your brand and some methods are better than others; we put together a list of cost-effective ways that you can get your message out there.

Cost-Effective Ways to Promote your Business

  1. Promotional gifts – Look no further than Promotional USB for top-quality products that you can hand out to customers and members of the public; products include caps, umbrellas, USB sticks, coffee mugs and a range of tote bags. Take a look at your advertising budget and delegate a portion to promotional gifts and you won’t regret it.
  2. Radio advertising – You would be surprised at the number of listeners that tune in to your local radio station and rates are very reasonable. Contact a local digital marketing agency and ask them to create rich radio ad content, which should go a long way to getting your brand known within the local community. You could do a few podcasts and interviews with prominent YouTubers; with a little creativity, you can generate a lot of interest. Let’s not forget your company website, which is a great digital platform to make the community aware of what you do.
  3. Customer reviews – When consumers arrive on your landing page, the first thing they look for are customer reviews. This is a low-budget/high output way to promote your business and if you join an independent review platform, your business can enjoy a 5-star review status. Trustpilot is a good example of a review organisation, which is totally unbiased and the consumer pays customer reviews a lot of attention.
  4. Free trial – Not all business sectors are able to offer a free trial, but if you can, this is a very good way to introduce your products to the consumer. If your product can be broken down to small units, have some promotional sachets made and hire a team to hand them out at shopping malls, which should result in some new customers. There’s no better way to convince a potential customer to try your products and handing out samples should lead to sales.
  5. Sponsorship – Take a look at local sports teams and consider sponsoring one; this is a win-win for both team and sponsor. Every time the team plays, your logo will be on their shirts and perhaps you can also have a few banners around the ground. The level of success is related to how successful the team actually is and you will have a sense of pride, knowing that your business is helping young people in your local community.

Smart business owners think outside the box when it comes to brand awareness and we feel that all of the above will produce the right results. There are lots of free resources online about how to market your business; take a look at your annual marketing budget and see how much you can designate to various methods of marketing, then plan campaigns and implement them.

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