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5 Best Gmail Add-ons for Productive Emailing

Gmail world’s largest Email Service Provider Created and Managed by Google. Many of us Gmail in our daily life to use a specific application. Our Android Smartphone’s work on Gmail account. It’s an open fact that to Access the best Google apps, you must have a Gmail account. Because of these kinds of needs, people often use Gmail. Many professionals do use Gmail to finish their works quickly and easily. Gmail has basic features by default if you have any custom requirements in Gmail you can attain them using Gmail Add-ons like Gmail tracker. Here I will be sharing the 5 Best Gmail Add-ons for Productive Emailing.

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Best Gmail Add-ons for Productive EmailingFind Below Best Gmail Add-Ons

  1. SecureGmail:

 SecureGmail Add-on is one of the best and must use Add on in order to keep your Gmail account safely. It’s a must have tool to protect your Gmail from hacking. Losing Gmail may end up in big troubles. So i recommend you to install this Add on first and keep your Gmail safe.

  1. Boomerang:

Boomerang it is one of the best Gmail Add-on. Gmail by default have so many decent features but unfortunately few important features are missing. One among them is Schedule emailing. Sometimes we need to send a mail at specific time. At that time, this plugin works greatly. you can schedule mails and send them!

  1. Unroll

Unroll is one of the best Gmail Add-on, which automatically unsubscribe us from the list which are not chosen by us. We often get lot of fake registration links, and we automatically get subscribed to several unknown lists. To get rid of them, it is highly recommended to use Unroll Google Add On.

  1. Checker Plus

Checker Plus Add-on helps to connect multiple Gmail accounts. You can manage two Gmail simultaneously with this Add on. You can get all important mails, media and all other news stuff in this Add On itself. It’s a best add-on for those who use two emails, one for office purpose and the other for personal purpose.

  1. Wisestamp

WiseStamp is also a good add-on which helps business professionals to add signature at the end of every e-mail they send. It’s not an easy task to add signature all time manually. This add-on lets you add your signature automatically in every mail.

There are many other add-ons even you can add to your Gmail and use in a very productive way. Hope these helps.

How to Use Add-ons:

1: First of All visit

  1. Enter your registered Gmail id and Password for Successful Gmail Login.
  2. After Logging in to Gmail, visit Each Add-on Page and synchronize them with your Email. That’s it.

It’s a simple process to Add Add-ons for Gmail.

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