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Mailbox: The Leading Application in the AppStore

Mailbox The Leading Application in the AppStore

The Mailbox tops the AppStore few hours after the launch of the online store of Apple.Application promises to put in a series of email that is received in Gmail in order to finish quickly the management of email and to devote time to what has real substance.

The Mailbox is causing a revolution in the way we handle email, and why it is so popular even before circulated widely. Application is very wide and a few hours after placing the device in public application has climbed to the top of the list popular applications.

Application can work with Gmail with a convenient and innovative way not seen in other applications. The only problem with the application is the great success. To work as intended, its creators have put a waiting list, which is great and can not currently ensure access to all. Application is available from the AppStore where users can download for free and then get the waiting list.

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