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5 Basic Steps To Write Down The Academic Essays

The skills to write an easy are being the basic needs in the academic world. It requires not only the knowledge related to our field or major but also the steps to do are also important to understand. At the beginning of your study, make sure to know what to do in writing an essay. The steps along with the explanations are as follow.

5 Basic Steps To Write Down The Academic Essays

Understanding the Purposes of Writing Essays

Knowing and understanding the main purposes of the essays may ease you more in finding the ideas as well as determining the proper formats. There are some types of text related to the purposes. The most common one is the argumentative texts in which the authors must share their perspectives based on the valid references. It is recommended to choose a topic that you really comprehend and like. This is to minimize you being stuck in the middle of the essay writing process.

Creating the Text Structure

Before starting to write down or type your essay, you are suggested to make a structure. It is functioned to mind map the ideas. Next, the ideas are developed into a list of short sentences and probably diagrams. To enrich the ideas, sure, you need to read more books and access further information from the internet. The validity of the information must be checked first so that you will not share wrong statements or ideas.

In fact, a good essay must have clear and good structures so that the ideas shared are understandable by the readers. In general, there are two main parts of the structure of an essay; they are namely thesis and argumentation. The essay is developed based on those two parts anyway.

Developing the Essay

After being done with the structure, this is the time to develop it into a good essay. As it has been mentioned above, there are basically two parts of the essay; thesis and argumentation. A thesis is the introductory paragraph with the content of the main idea proposed. On the other hand, argumentation is about the evidence that proves the main idea. In other words, the argumentation part consists of the paragraphs developed to form the entire essay.

Adding Citations

To strengthen the arguments in your essays, citations are essentials. Citations are the sentences or opinions from the experts commonly available in the books, journals, and any other references. There are mainly two types of citation; the direct and indirect citations. Direct citations are written completely from the original texts. Meanwhile, the indirect citations are only the essence or summary from what the experts say.

To ease you in adding the citations, you can go to Citationbot, a website to find matching and relevant citations to your essays and contents. It provides numerous books and journals with citations you probably need to develop your essays and other academic words.

Writing the Conclusion

Despite the thesis and argumentation, there is a conclusion at the end of the essay. In the conclusion part, you need to summarize all the ideas that have been explained. The conclusion must be simple and brief but cover all the ideas and problems in the previous paragraphs.

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